Today my life is filled with love that starts on the inside, but it wasn’t always this way.
A few years ago I was in a dark place. After a breakup with my college boyfriend I was at an all time low. I had become so codependent and addicted to the relationship that I had no idea who I was anymore. I felt completely empty inside.

I spent the next three years completely single and not dating. People would tell me all the time you’re a great girl, any guy would be lucky to have you. But still, he didn’t show up.

The tape playing over in my mind at the time was “no one will love you like he did, no one wants to date me, I’m not skinny enough, pretty enough etc.” It was a vicious cycle. Because I had convinced myself I was undatable I didn’t date. Because I didn’t date I thought I was undesirable.

After years of being the single girl something kicked in and I saw that my mindset was creating the situation I was in. Immediately, I declared out loud to the Universe that I was ready to date and took action. I told colleagues and friends I was ready to date and asked them to hook me up with friends. Within weeks I was dating.
<h1>Simple mindset shifts can dramatically change your dating landscape and who you attract.</h1>
I began dating but my relationship issues were far from solved. I was still addicted to outside validation and felt crazed and empty inside when he didn’t call back or things didn’t work out.

I knew there had to be a better way.

I saw that my life would continue to be an endless cycle of romantic drama until I looked within. I dove deeper into my spiritual practice and began questioning my beliefs about love.I saw that my problems in love had never been caused by a lack of love on the outside but a lack within. I committed myself to learning and practicing everything I could about self-love. I began to know myself. At first it was painful; loving myself seemed like the most unnatural thing to do. But the tiny shifts added up and soon I was feeling better about myself more than I ever had.

The internal change was reflected in my outside world. I began to look better, eat better, act better and even attracted my soul mate.

As an NYU Certified Life Coach, I am passionate about helping Women everywhere find True Love and transform their relationships, especially the ones they have with themselves.I believe that when you truly love yourself, everything in your life works.I believe that having a loving and supportive partner can give you extra strength and courage to achieve your big dreams.
<h1>I believe that truly seeing yourself through the loving eyes of another can be one of the best sources of healing on the planet. I believe that everyone deserves amazing, soul-shaking love and connection and that everyone is worthy of True Love.