This Sunday I spoke on a Success Panel
in front of 50 women entrepreneurs about my business journey.

And after the panel, two women came up to me
to, of course, talk about love
because isn’t it the truth that even for super driven women,
what matters most, at the end of the day,
really is LOVE.

These women were inspired by me sharing how I 
attracted in a man who is a perfect match for me
and who accepts me and loves me completely.

One is 67 and has yet to meet a man
that she didn’t feel she was settling for.

The other has a chronic habit of putting work before business
because deep down, she doesn’t believe she can have it all.

As I took their info into my phone to give them a ticket
to Manifest Your Man Live on May 6th (my 1 Day Event in San Diego)
they noticed my cracked iphone screen.

And I said jokingly “I’m the clumsiest person in the world
but actually, I have a story about that and love.”

And I told them that when I was with my ex who became abusive,
he would criticize me for my clumsiness A LOT.
He also told me that I was too messy and that I was lucky he was with me
becuase no man would want to be with me. (yes, that hurt).

However, I’m still just as clumsy and messy as I was then.

But, my Man Mike has a different take on this.

What he tells me is:
“Of COURSE you’re messy Nicole, you’re a creative genius.”

And when I shared that with them, their mouths just opened wide in shock
because they couldn’t believe that a man could be so supportive of his woman
to the point where even her “flaws” are celebrate and loved.

But, it’s true.
You can actually have a man who loves ALL of you
and who you don’t have to compromise at all to be with.

Here’s what I want you to know:

When you are (or have been with) the wrong man, 
you can feel it. 

It feels like criticism, not being heard, not getting your needs met,
feeling like you have to pull teeth to get him to give you attention
or a full commitment.

When you are with the right man,
you can feel it too. 

It feels like total appreciation, someone who lives to light you up and make you happy,
someone who cares deeply about you and your needs
and someone who always wants to spend time with you.

You deserve to be with the right man for you.

Love is the most important thing in the world.

Your romantic partner is who you spend your LIFE with.

So, why compromise on it? 

Especially when you actually CAN have what you want in a man.

Here’s what I want you to do now:

1) If you are with a great man, I invite you to take a moment today to
appreciate how blessed you are.
Write 3 gratitudes about him and when you see him next,
look him in the eyes and just share WHY you appreciate him so much.

2) If you aren’t I invite you to take a moment
to dream about what it would be like to be with a man who is PERFECT for you.
No settling.
But someone who meets you where you’re at and actually helps you go even higher.

Here’s why you don’t want to wait to find love:

I tripled my business when I met my man Mike.
We moved into an amazing home with an ocean view and are now
looking for a home to buy together.
We created a beautiful family and have the most adorable son.

EVERYTHING in your life gets better when you find the right man.

Don’t wait for your business to get better to create the love of your dreams.
Don’t wait for your job to change or your living situation or your weight or anything else.

Real love makes everything else better.

If I can help in any way,
to get you to that perfect match for you,
I would love to.