High-Quality Man Attraction Made Simple!

The old way of thinking about attraction is that some women are highly attractive to men and some are just not. Most women think that to be highly attractive to ideal men they just have to be prettier or more fit or more (insert whatever you think you’re not).

The truth is Attraction is ALL about ENERGY.

There are simple yet effective things you can do, every single day, to increase how attractive you are to high-quality men so you stand out and they want to date you.

These techniques work for every woman no matter what she looks like, her age, where she lives or what she does for a living.

That’s why I am SO excited to share them with you.

Before I joined I told myself ‘I’m committing to love this year but where do I start?  I don’t even know how!’  The first module was on getting rid of negative charge and energy and figuring out what our blocks were to love and it progressively grew from there.  I felt like I was really growing and changing with each module.  I’ve seen a huge difference in who I was 60 days ago to me now.  I went six years not dating at all and now I’ve had 3 dates a week for the last 3 months!  Without a doubt you should do one of her programs because I’ve completely changed!


Man Attraction Bootcamp is a step-by-step system that teaches you the 3 KEYS to Attracting in High-Quality Men (a.k.a. The Attraction Factor Formula).

What is Man Attraction Bootcamp?

Man Attraction Bootcamp is a proven method to increase how attractive you are to ideal men and have them ask you out.

In just 8 weeks (60 days) you’ll become a woman who has ideal men asking her out and wanting to be with her. You’ll never have to worry about not having a date for Friday night because you’ll actually have lots of ideal men clamoring for you.

My clients have used the exact training available in Man Attraction Bootcamp to get booked out 2 weeks in advance with dates…really.

Even if you don’t want a ton of dates, but you really want ONE amazing man, the truth is, Attraction is a step you just can’t miss.

Knowing how to attract men in gives you the power as a woman.

When you know, without a doubt, that you can attract high-quality men in, then when you DO meet the one you really like, you can lean back and let him pursue you.

People close to me and my family can see a big change in me.  I’m not in my own head and I can be present on dates.  I’m way more confident.  I’ve attracted in some really high quality men.  I’ve gone on some really awesome dates, so it’s been for lack of a better word, LIFE CHANGING.  I think anyone who is even thinking about it should absolutely do it.  It’s a very good investment of time, money, resources.  I think by far it’s the best course I’ve ever done.


In Man Attraction Bootcamp I’ll show you how to

Make High-Quality Men Want You NOW

What I’ve discovered in working with hundreds of women to help them find love is that Attraction isn’t fixed.

Meaning no matter what you look like,
you can actually increase your attraction power
by focusing on the 3 Specific KEYS to Attraction that I’ve discovered in helping hundreds of women find love.

There IS a formula to attraction.

I call it the Attraction Factor Formula
and there are 3 KEYS to this formula that can make any woman
super attractive to ideal men.

Rocking Confidence + Feminine Power + Fierce Love Mindset = High-Quality Man Attraction

And, there are little energetic tricks
that you can use to instantly boost your attraction power
and make yourself more attractive to high-quality men

That’s really great news because it means that you can
actually do something, starting today,
to make high-quality men want you.

These simple energetic tricks can truly turn you
into a woman who has men pursuing you.

My client Jess, for example, used them to have a male model
chase her down in an airport to ask for her number.

Nataliya used them to have four amazing men wanting to be with her,
all at the same time.

Lisa used them to attract in her amazing man after she had been single for 10 years
and nothing else had worked.
(she manifested him within a couple of months
after learning these tools)

I must say it’s definitely been LIFE CHANGING…I feel better about myself.  I would absolutely recommend it and in fact I was even talking to my mom about it!  Everything she said came absolutely true!


Here’s What You Get In Man Attraction Bootcamp:

Access to Man Attraction Bootcamp Program (Retail Value $1997)

This is our training program that takes you STEP by STEP through using The Attraction Factor Formula to attract in high-quality men over the next 60 days – including out in the “real world”.

8 Love Training Modules including:
  • Making Space for High Quality Men
  • Get Your Flirt On
  • Making online dating fun
  • The Science of Attraction
  • Femininity
  • Become An Unforgettable Date
  • Confidence
  • Feminine Communication

8 LIVE 60 minute weekly Love Q&A Calls (Retail Value $1997)

These weekly coaching calls are one of the BEST parts of Man Attraction Bootcamp.

This is your access every single week to an Expert Love Coach who can guide you personally on whatever love questions you have. We’ll make sure we give you the ongoing support you need to stay on track, complete all of the exercises and become highly attractive to ideal men.

Quick Question Answering in The Facebook Group (Priceless)

Imagine having a 24/7 hookup to a Love Coach ready and willing to answer your questions and support you.

In this program, there is a dedicated Love Coach just for the Facebook group to make sure that if you have a quick love question, you can get support. You never have to worry about getting stuck in this program. We are here to help!

PLUS Sign Up Today and Get These Bonuses Valued at $1,497

Bonus 1 – A 30-minute PRIVATE Love Coaching Call with a Love Works Coach (Retail Value $500)
This is your time to receive private love coaching 1:1 on the phone with a Love Expert. Massive breakthroughs can happen when you get private time with a coach.

Bonus 2 – Man Manifesting Magic Workshop ($997 Value)
Instant Access to a 2 Hour Training on HOW to Manifest in Your Ideal Man. You’ll learn the top manifesting mistakes that women make that block their man from coming in (and how to shift them) AND how to boost your manifesting power to guarantee that you meet your ideal man.

Love Coach Nicole Moore

Join Man Attraction Bootcamp Before The Price Increases by $500

The Investment in Man Attraction Bootcamp is just $1297 (or 4 payments of $377) However the price is going up from just $1297 (or 4 payments of $377) to $1500 or 3 payments of $597, so timing is limited if you want to join us at an amazing price.

Here’s Why We Do This:

Love is too important to wait. You’ve probably been dreaming of finding the RIGHT man for you for a very very long time.
We want to encourage you to say YES to love today because life is just a million times better with an amazing man by your side.
And the way you get that amazing man is by ATTRACTING him in.

This is a Steal when you consider the true cost of being single.

Now you can see why learning how to Attract in high-quality men, which leads to you attracting the RIGHT MAN for you in Man Attraction Bootcamp is an absolute STEAL.

I overcame blocks that I didn’t even recognize I had.  Now I feel like I’m on a totally different level.  I was just at a loss of words, I thought ‘Oh my God, it’s working!’  Nicole deals with the foundation of the issue.  It’s not a cover up in any way, it’s more about ‘let’s get to the core of this, let’s git it fixed so you’ll be set to succeed.’  So I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next!


Listen to Your Heart

Why would you wait to start attracting in your ideal man right now? He’s waiting for you to bring him in

You know in your heart, right now, if Man Attraction Bootcamp is right for you.

The truth is, if God or the universe or a magic genie came to you right now and said “here, here’s the love of your life, the man you have been waiting for…do you want him?” you would probably say “YES!” without hesitating.

This is your chance to say YES to your man.
Because the path to your ideal man truly starts with you learning how to ATTRACT men in.

Once you know how to attract, you have the power. You can lean back and let men pursue you.
And from that space, you become super attractive for the right man to step up and claim you.

Don’t wait because your man is waiting for you to attract him in.

In just 60 days with my program you’ll go from zero dates or only getting asked out by men you don’t want to having lots of ideal men wanting to date you and we’ll be there every step of the way to hold your hand.

PLUS, Don’t Forget the special bonuses I’ve chosen for you.

This is a total retail value of $3,494 and truly WORTH IT.

But, you can get it today for just $1297 or 4 payments of $377.

Make High-Quality Men Want You NOW

Don’t wait another day to learn how to be highly attractive to ideal men. The sooner you act, the sooner you’ll attract the RIGHT Man in.

This is a total retail value of $3,494 and truly WORTH IT.

But, you can get it today for just $1297 or 4 payments of $377.


What happens after I buy it?

You are automatically sent your welcome email to the email address you use at checkout that includes a link to the training and bonuses in the system, PLUS the Live Q&A call schedule, Module Release Schedule and access details. Everything that is included is hosted on a password-protected site, and your username and password will be in the welcome email. You will be able to change the login password after you log in if you

Then, within a few days, our team will reach out to you to schedule your coaching call with a Love Works Coach.

What if I have a Love Question as I take the training?

That’s what we are here for! The weekly LIVE Love Coaching Q&A Calls are one of the best parts of Man Attraction Bootcamp. Every Tuesday for 8 weeks in a row, you can join us for a 60-minute call with the MAB group. We are here to give you the ongoing support you need to stay on track.
PLUS, there is a dedicated Love Coach in the Private Man Attraction Bootcamp Facebook Group so you never have to worry about getting stuck. You’ll be able to get your questions answered at any time.

What if I am not ready to go on dates/meet my man/put myself out there?

That’s totally OK! The information you are going to learn in MAB can be applied whenever you are ready and we’ll help you from wherever you are at now. You don’t have to go on a ton of dates or have multiple men wanting you if that’s not what you want. You can focus on just ONE man or on boosting your confidence and self-love from the inside so you are in the best place possible when you are ready to date.

What if I have been single for a really long time or never really had a romantic relationship before?

You’re in the right place! I’ve personally helped women who’ve been single for as long as 10 years meet their man in 3 months (really). When you learn how to attract men in, the dating game will completely change for you. All of this is possible in just 8 weeks.

What if I have a partner already or someone I am already interested in? Can I still do Man Attraction Bootcamp?

Yes! The tools you are going to learn in MAB can make any man want you, including one you are with or one you are already interested in. They work!

Can’t I just find love on my own? Why should I have to get help to find love? I have a friend who’s a hot mess and she found a man?

Man Attraction Bootcamp isn’t about finding just any man. It’s about helping you attract the BEST and highest quality men on the market…the top 10%. To do that, it requires you to STAND OUT to men as the best pick. The truth is, high-quality men are more rare. But, when you know how to be super attractive to them, they will actually want to pick you.

What happens if I am still not sure about joining or have questions?

If your question is not listed OR you’re not sure if the program is right for you, email support@loveworksmethod.com and we will be happy to help.

The investment in Man Attraction Bootcamp is just $1297 or 4 payments of $377

Man Attraction Bootcamp allows you to be much more intentional and not make assumptions.  She helps women learn about different energies that they bring to different situations.  The modules give you the tools to have confidence and be confident in your interactions.  I feel much more empowered having gone through Man Attraction Bootcamp.