I have a vulnerable confession to make.

You might see me as a woman that has it all…
an amazing husband and baby, a thriving business,
a dream life in california.

But, there’s one area of my life that I let slide.
I didn’t even realize I was settling.

But I realized this week that I had gotten so good
at making the best of a situation
and loving myself where I’m at,
that it actually almost had me settle
for less than I desire
and less than I deserve.


I’m sharing this with you becuase it’s TIME
for women to stop settling.

And to claim what they deserve.
In love and in all other ares of life.

I’m sure you’ll be able to relate.

And, after you watch the video,
go to The Love Works Life facebook group
to share where you’ve been settling
and where you’re going to boldly CLAIM
to actually stop settling and have it all.