I’m at a business event right now and I heard a speaker say something that
really woke me up.

She said:
“There is something in our life that we are TOLERATING that we shouldn’t be”.

I heard that and I immediately thought of you austin.

Are you tolerating being single?
Are you tolerating living every single day of your life NOT having the one thing
that, deep down, you want most….love.

Maybe you want a family.
You KNOW in your heart that you are meant to be a mom.

And to do that, you need to meet your man.

But, you’ve been tolerating being single.

You have gotten used to living a life
where you don’t have a plus one
where you spend weekends alone
where you finish a day of hard work
and don’t have anyone there to ask “how was your day babe?”.

I want you to stop tolerating being single austin.

Because once you stop tolerating not having love
and DECIDE to find the right man now, things can finally change.

When I FULLY COMMITTED to love, I met my man in 3 months.
WE got engaged 10 months after
and got pregnant with our beautiful son who is the other love of my life.

So in the span of less than 1 year, my life completely transformed
from single to having it all.

You don’t have to tolerate being single if you don’t want to.

If you are truly truly truly READY to meet the right man now
the one who is going to be your husband and father of your children,
I want to help you.

Here’s how:
1) Write down your #1 love goal on a piece of paper right now
(doing this starts activating the manifestation process of making it happen)

2) DECIDE if you are ready.
Here’s how you know. Ask yourself “am I ready and willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES
to find my man now? Am I truly truly truly done with being single?

3) If your answer is YES then CLICK HERE to book a 20-minute
Find The Right Man Call with a Love Coach to get a 3-step personalized plan to attract in your high-quality man now.
This is a f.ree call and the purpose is to help you see clearly
exactly what you need to do right now to meet your man this year.

I’m here to help you create epic love.

You don’t have to settle for a man that’s less than what you desire.
You don’t have to settle for less than you deserve.

And you certainly don’t have to tolerate being single.

You are meant for so much more than that.


PS: The truth is if you are attracting in men that are not what you want
there is something missing in how you show up.

There is nothing wrong with you. YOU are amazing and deserve great love.

However, how you’re actually showing up with men is probably not conveying that.

When you are in front of men, something is off that has you not attract the right man
OR it has them not choose you.

I’m the person you go to when you’ve tried other things.
When you realize that it’s NOT the men, it’s something in you that needs to shift.
When you are READY to do the deep internal work that is ACTUALLY
going to finally shift you into meeting your husband.