A few years ago I was in a dark place.  After a breakup with my college boyfriend I was at an all time low. I had become so codependent and addicted to the relationship that I had no idea who I was anymore.  I felt completely empty inside.

I spent the next three years completely single and not dating. People would tell me all the time you’re a great girl, any guy would be lucky to have you. But still, he didn’t show up.

The tape playing over in my mind at the time was “no one will love you like he did, no one wants to date me, I’m not skinny enough, pretty enough etc.”  It was a vicious cycle. Because I had convinced myself I was undatable I didn’t date.  Because I didn’t date I thought I was undesirable.

After years of being the single girl something kicked in and I saw that my mindset was creating the situation I was in. Immediately, I declared out loud to the Universe that I was ready to date and took action. I told colleagues and friends I was ready to date and asked them to hook me up with friends. Within weeks I was dating.


I began dating but my relationship issues were far from solved. I was still addicted to outside validation and felt crazed and empty inside when he didn’t call back or things didn’t work out. I knew there had to be a better way.

I saw that my life would continue to be an endless cycle of romantic drama until I looked within. I dove deeper into my spiritual practice and began questioning my beliefs about love.


I committed myself to learning and practicing everything I could about self-love. I began to know myself. At first it was painful; loving myself seemed like the most unnatural thing to do. But the tiny shifts added up and soon I was feeling better about myself more than I ever had. The internal change was reflected in my outside world. I began to look better, eat better, act better and even attracted my soul mate. As an NYU Certified Life Coach, I am passionate about helping Women everywhere find True Love and transform their relationships, especially the ones they have with themselves.

I believe that when you truly love yourself, everything in your life works.


I believe that truly seeing yourself through the loving eyes of another can be one of the best sources of healing on the planet.



What is the love life of a Love Coach Really Like?

Work With Me


  • Most women try to do it backwards.
  • We want to get the guy who loves and adores us first, and we think that once we have him, THEN we’ll love ourselves and love our lives.
  • But even if we get the guy from that place, we become needy, fearful and codependent if we’re not filled up with love for ourselves and for our lives first.
  • You don’t have to wait until you’re a perfectly self-loving being to find love.  But you do have to make sure that you find a way to source your love from within.



Group Love Coaching

Man Attraction Bootcamp

Man Attraction Bootcamp is a proven method to increase how attractive you are to ideal men and have them ask you out.

In just 8 weeks you’ll become a woman who has ideal men asking her out and wanting to be with her. You’ll never have to worry about not having a date for Friday night because you’ll actually have lots of ideal men clamoring for you. Even if you don’t want a ton of dates, but you really want ONE amazing man, the truth is, Attraction is a step you just can’t miss.

Knowing how to attract men in gives you the power as a woman.

When you know, without a doubt, that you can attract high-quality men in, then when you DO meet the one you really like, you can lean back and let him pursue you.

What I’ve discovered in working with hundreds of women to help them find love is that Attraction isn’t fixed. Meaning no matter what you look like, you can actually increase your attraction power

by focusing on the Specific KEYS to Attraction that I’ve discovered in helping hundreds of women find love.

There IS a formula to attraction.

That’s really great news because it means that you can actually do something, starting today, to make high-quality men want you.

VIP 12 Month Love Coaching Program

VIP 12 Month Love Coaching Program

  • 12 month
  • 3 private 40 minute coaching calls (phone or Skype) every single month
  • 1 Half Day (3 Hour) Skype Love Coaching Intensive (designed to clear really big love blocks and re-wire your limiting beliefs around love)
  • Email support in between sessions (so you’re never spinning in fear around love. you’ve got me there to redirect your thoughts, keep you in your heart, and keep you focused on love. This on-call access to me is really priceless)

I only work with a select group of women at a time so I can focus my time, heart and energy on them. Love Coaching is a serious investment for those women who are truly ready to love themselves and create amazing love.

Inquire at love@loveworksmethod.com for more information.

1 Day Private Love Coaching Program

1 Day Private Love Coaching Intensive

A Private Love Coaching Intensive is one of the most profound gifts you can give yourself.How many hours a week do you spend thinking about love? Stressing and worrying about love?

What if you could devote a whole day to getting your love life handled?

What if you could stop worrying and finally feel confident that you can create exactly the love you want, with ease?

What you’ll receive in your 1 Day Intensive:

  • Love Works Welcome Packet (a 25 page Welcome Packet that you fill out before the intensive that has me be super clear on your unique love challenges so we can laser in on the day of the intensive.)
  • 1 Day Private Coaching Intensive
  • 30 Day Action Plan ( your step by step custom plan to get the love you want)
  • A gourmet lunch with Nicole

Interested in learning more about working  with Nicole?


"A True Love Coach"

Nicole is an incredible coach. She has a way of listening deeply and loving greatly, while gently and effectively guiding women to shed their barriers to love. I have witnessed her magic firsthand and I can say with confidence that she is absolutely a True Love Coach!

– Nisha Moodley FierceFabulousFree.com + ManifestationMastermind.com

"This Wouldn't Have Happened Without You"

This wouldn’t have happened without you! Nicole, Travis and I want you to be the Officiant at our wedding. Travis is everything I wrote on my list and more. He adores me!

– Elizabeth Brosseau

"Everything She Said Came Absolutely True!"

“I must say it’s definitely been LIFE CHANGING…I feel better about myself.  I would absolutely recommend it and in fact I was even talking to my mom about it!  Everything she said came absolutely true!”

– Gaby

"I Am Now Married To My King"

You are the best love coach! Thanks to your coaching, I am now married to my King!

– Bell Burgess

"I Feel Much More Empowered"

Man Attraction Bootcamp allows you to be much more intentional and not make assumptions. She helps women learn about different energies that they bring to different situations. The modules give you the tools to have confidence and be confident in your interactions. I feel much more empowered having gone through Man Attraction Bootcamp.

– Jennifer

"Nicole Really Helped Me"

I had been married for twenty years and found myself single again at the age of forty five. I was nervous to re-enter the dating world. Nicole really helped me get unblocked to find my beautiful feminine self again. Nicole helped me to come back to my natural feminine attractiveness and accomplish all the goals we had set. Today I am in a wonderful relationship with a man who adores me and allows me to be me.

– Elisabeth Grabher

"I've Completely Changed!"

“Before I joined I told myself ‘I’m committing to love this year but where do I start?  I don’t even know how!’  The first module was on getting rid of negative charge and energy and figuring out what our blocks were to love and it progressively grew from there.  I felt like I was really growing and changing with each module.  I’ve seen a huge difference in who I was 60 days ago to me now.  I went six years not dating at all and now I’ve had 3 dates a week for the last 3 months!  Without a doubt you should do one of her programs because I’ve completely changed!”

– Angelica

"I Was Just At A Loss Of Words..."

“I overcame blocks that I didn’t even recognize I had.  Now I feel like I’m on a totally different level.  I was just at a loss of words, I thought ‘Oh my God, it’s working!’  Nicole deals with the foundation of the issue.  It’s not a cover up in any way, it’s more about ‘let’s get to the core of this, let’s git it fixed so you’ll be set to succeed.’  So I’m looking forward to what’s going to happen next!”

– Charelle

"A Love Whisperer"

After a five minute conversation with Nicole, I had a completely new perspective on love and relationships. I had never been in a serious relationship and I was so sick and tired of holding myself back from something I truly wanted. Nicole understood where I was coming from and was able to pinpoint my fears and ask me questions that gently shifted my beliefs about relationships. Within two weeks of that conversation, I had dates lined up with incredible men. Nicole Moore is a love whisperer. If you are ready to finally attract the man that you deserve in your life, look no further than her.

– Alison Leipzig, Body Confidence Coach, www.alisonleipzig.com

"I've Never Felt More Beautiful!"

“I’m very happily married but I was wondering if the techniques Nicole teaches could help me have a stronger presence and better attract clients to me. The day after listening to Nicole’s training I headed to a work conference and put her techniques to the test. Not only did Nicole’s advice for attraction help me to be more “in the moment” and feel super confident; I got so much attention from men it was kind of crazy. Following Nicole’s advice, I had men in their 20s approaching me and saying things like, “You have the most amazing eyes!” and “Wow, I thought you were 25!”. I actually had a 19 year-old gentleman ask for my number. I told him I was married (after I stopped laughing) and he said, “Make sure to tell your husband that you still have it going on.” Even my husband has noticed how much attention I get when we go out to dinner or out dancing. And the best part is that at 35, happily married, and a mother of two children, I’ve never felt more beautiful! Nicole is an attraction expert…she truly knows how to make you feel beautiful and be irresistible!”

– Marilee Sears





I have a vulnerable confession to make. You might see me as a woman that has it all… an amazing husband and baby, a thriving business, a dream life in california. But, there’s one area of my life that I let slide. I didn’t even realize I was settling. But I realized this week that I had gotten so good at making the best of a situation and loving myself where I’m at, that it actually almost had me settle for less than I desire and less than I deserve. Click HERE to watch the short video I made to hear more.

may 25

I’m sharing this with you becuase it’s TIME for women to stop settling. And to claim what they deserve. In love and in all other ares of life. I’m sure you’ll be able to relate. And, after you watch the video, go to The Love Works Life facebook group to share where you’ve been settling and where you’re going to boldly CLAIM to actually stop settling and have it all. xo, Nicole PS: My first facebook LIVE for #GetHot will be tomorrow at 5:30 AM! Visit my facebook page then to  join me and I’m going to be sharing HOW to get committed to a goal and stop settling. And I’ll share more of my personal journey with you. It’s EARLY in the morning for me, so you’ll see me in a baseball cap and my pj’s…we’ll get close! [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”453120″]



This week a client of mine messaged me in a tailspin because she had read another dating coach’s email which basically tried to use a massive amount of fear to scare women into the fact that they biologically and statistically must meet their man in their early 30s if they want to have kids. (and this coach is a Man, by the way…) And, I was pissed that this fear-based message is out there and influencing women like my my client, who is 36, and started to freak out feeling like maybe she missed her chance. So today, on Mother’s Day I wanted to send a message of FAITH, not fear for anyone in my community that wants to be a mom and is trying to meet the man first to get to their dream of creating a family. ———————– My Child Chose Me by Nicole Moore I’ve never had the experience of so badly wanting a child and not being able to have one because of lack of a man in my life or my body or anything like that. My child came to me. And, he even let me know he was coming before I was ready. When I was 30.5 years old, I was meditating and, out of the blue, I heard a voice say “you’re going to have a baby when you’re 32 so get prepared”. My eyes opened in shock and disbelief. You see, at the time, I was completely single and just couldn’t see how meeting a man and having a baby could happen in such a short timeframe. But, shocked as I was by that voice, some part of me listened. And, I did begin to prepare for the possibility of a baby in my own ways. Subconsciously, it drove me to work harder in my business and make sure I got it to the place of more than enough. I did a LOT of healing work on my wounded inner child so that I could be healed and be the most loving mom if I ever go the chance. And, I dated. Not in an “I need to find my husband and baby daddy” kind of way. But intentionally. Not with a eye just for “hotness” which honestly used to be my primary focus but for substance. I looked for a man who was centered, full of integrity and who most of all had a truly loving heart. And, I payed attention. Like when a dating coach who I had interviewed for a project told me randomly, just after I had moved to San Diego, that I should be with a 36 year old man, I listened. And said yes to every single 36 year old that asked me out. And, while swiping on Tinder one day in May I saw a man come up who had written on his profile “keeping it zen” and who was 36. I said yes. That man ended up being my now husband. And, nearly a year after we met, I was engaged and pregnant at 32. As I look back at my story now, I can see that life itself was leading me to the moment that I met Mike. Because after I did, everything got better from there. My business tripled. My self-love grew even deeper as a result of his reflection And, we had the most amazing little baby. And as I sit here on Mother’s Day, filled with love for this precious little soul, I can’t help but think that it was HIM that was guiding me all along so I could meet the man who was supposed to be his daddy. I just know, when I look into my son’s eyes, that we were meant to be family. So, if you want to be a mom but haven’t met the right man yet to create a family with, I want to invite you to take a moment to connect. Connect to the little baby that wants to come through you. (whether it’s via pregnancy or adoption or maybe even stepkids) Because my baby knew he was coming to me even before I did. And, I’d be willing to bet that yours does too. Let that desire to be a mom guide you to open up and see how life is already trying to help you find the right man to have a family with. Are you paying attention? Let that desire to be a mom guide you to getting the support and help you need to heal if there’s anything still in the way of you feeling fully worthy of receiving and amazing man in your life and creating the family you dream of. And, make finding your man not just about GETTING someone to love you, but about creating the space to GIVE love to that little baby who has already energetically said yes to you. You know how they say shoot for the moon and you may hit the stars? Go BIGGER in your love vision. Connect to that beautiful little soul who’s meant to be yours and you will be shown the path to meet the man who will lead you there. But, when that path appears, you must be brave enough to follow it. Since that meditative moment where my future spoke to me and let me know it was coming, I was being guided by the soul that was meant to be my baby. But, it wasn’t always easy to listen. You see, I almost didn’t move to California, which is where my man and father of my child was, because I was scared. I knew deep in my bones that I was done with NYC, where I had lived my whole life and that my man was in California but I was stalling and stalling on moving because I was simply afraid of leaving my comfort zone and everything I had known. Can you imagine if I had let fear of change get in the way? I almost cancelled the date with my now husband because I had worked all day that Sunday and I was tired. Can you imagine if I had let working on my business and being busy get in the way? And, when the big love that is my husband got here, I almost didn’t let him in because 3 months after we met, our egos got in the way and we started to fight. Thank God I had already learned HOW to love and done the deep healing work before meeting him. Can you imagine if I had let my ego get in the way? I wouldn’t have what I have now. A beautiful son that lights me up and an incredible man who is such a loving dad. So, if you’re sitting here on Mother’s Day wanting to become a mom and wanting to meet that man first so you can start your family with him, have hope. Things can change faster than you think. If you open up, heal, pay attention to the signs, and let yourself be guided. It’s very possible that just like mine did, your baby has already chosen you. And he or she is just guiding you to the exact teachers you need to the exact experiences you need and to the exact man that you need to be ready to hold the BIG love that your beautiful child will bring. xo, Nicole PS: If you are a single mom, I bow to you. I know you are doing the absolute best that you can for your little one(s) every day and that it’s hard and that your heart is just so strong. And, I am sending a prayer your way that you find the man who can be that rock solid support system for you so you don’t have to do it all on your own. If you want to have kids but are facing fertility challenges or questioning freezing your eggs, I haven’t gone through that personally but I have friends who are and I know that it’s hard to keep the faith. I’m sending you lots of love and a prayer that your baby dreams do come true. If your heart is heavy on mother’s day because you are facing recent loss or still healing wounds from your own relationship with your mother, I’m sending a prayer that your heart be healed to wholeness. [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”453120″]



This Sunday I spoke on a Success Panel in front of 50 women entrepreneurs about my business journey. And after the panel, two women came up to me to, of course, talk about love becasue isn’t it the truth that even for super driven women, what matters most, at the end of the day, really is LOVE. These women were inspired by me sharing how I  attracted in a man who is a perfect match for me and who accepts me and loves me completely. One is 67 and has yet to meet a man that she didn’t feel she was settling for. The other has a chronic habit of putting work before business because deep down, she doesn’t believe she can have it all. As I took their info into my phone to give them a ticket to Manifest Your Man Live on May 6th (my 1 Day Event in San Diego) they noticed my cracked iphone screen. And I said jokingly “I’m the clumsiest person in the world but actually, I have a story about that and love.” And I told them that when I was with my ex who became abusive, he would criticize me for my clumsiness A LOT. He also told me that I was too messy and that I was lucky he was with me becuase no man would want to be with me. (yes, that hurt). However, I’m still just as clumsy and messy as I was then. But, my Man Mike has a different take on this. What he tells me is: “Of COURSE you’re messy Nicole, you’re a creative genius.” And when I shared that with them, their mouths just opened wide in shock because they couldn’t believe that a man could be so supportive of his woman to the point where even her “flaws” are celebrate and loved. But, it’s true. You can actually have a man who loves ALL of you and who you don’t have to compromise at all to be with. Here’s what I want you to know: When you are (or have been with) the wrong man,  you can feel it.  It feels like criticism, not being heard, not getting your needs met, feeling like you have to pull teeth to get him to give you attention or a full commitment. When you are with the right man, you can feel it too.  It feels like total appreciation, someone who lives to light you up and make you happy, someone who cares deeply about you and your needs and someone who always wants to spend time with you. You deserve to be with the right man for you austin. Love is the most important thing in the world. Your romantic partner is who you spend your LIFE with. So, why compromise on it?  Especially when you actually CAN have what you want in a man. Here’s what I want you to do now: 1) If you are with a great man, I invite you to take a moment today to appreciate how blessed you are. Write 3 gratitudes about him and when you see him next, look him in the eyes and just share WHY you appreciate him so much. 2) If you aren’t I invite you to take a moment to dream about what it would be like to be with a man who is PERFECT for you. No settling. But someone who meets you where you’re at and actually helps you go even higher. Here’s why you don’t want to wait to find love: I tripled my business when I met my man Mike. We moved into an amazing home with an ocean view and are now looking for a home to buy together. We created a beautiful family and have the most adorable son. EVERYTHING in your life gets better when you find the right man. Don’t wait for your business to get better to create the love of your dreams. Don’t wait for your job to change or your living situation or your weight or anything else. Real love makes everything else better. If I can help in any way, to get you to that perfect match for you, I would love to. xo, Nicole [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”453120″]



Have you ever had a man REALLY see you? Where he just values you so much, is so proud of you and cherishes you on such a deep level that it’s obvious to everyone who sees the two of you together? I can honestly say I never experienced that until my man Mike. I had men love me before, but never to this depth. And it feels so good. This Saturday, Mike introduced me to the 40+ women at my Manifest Your Man Live Event and his words rang so true. He shared what it took for us to both get ready for EPIC LOVE. It’s a 2 minute clip and I thought it might inspire you, so I wanted to share it with you today. I recorded it live in my Love Works Life facebook group, so you’ll have to go there to view it. CLICK HERE to watch the video now.


Don’t settle for anything less than true, cherishing love austin. As Mike says, you are here to experience DIVINE LOVE in a romantic relationship and it is possible for you. xo, Nicole PS: Last year I ran an amazing f.ree challenge where I took women  through the 7 Steps to Attract The One that I used to draw in my man. It ran for 7 days and then we took the videos down but I was thinking, if enough women wanted to (we had 1700 women participate last year) that it would be fun to do the challenge again and this time add in new content like Q&A videos. Does that sound good to you?[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”453120″]



Do you have a clear picture of the kind of man you’d like to be with? He’s amazing, I’m sure. But, do you think he’s TOO amazing? Meaning, are you worried that maybe the reason you’re single is because your standards are too high and the type of man you want doesn’t exist (or doesn’t want you) If so, today’s Flirty Friday video is for you In today’s video I share how to attract a man who actually meets your standards.


Click HERE to watch the video now. xo, Nicole PS: My man Mike meets all of my standards and many women ask me how to meet a man like him. The truth is, finding the right man isn’t about luck. It’s about following very specific steps (the right steps) to bring him in AND avoiding the wrong things that push the good guys away. If you’d like to Find the Right Man for you Click HERE to get on the phone with a member of my team so they can lay out a step-by-step personalized plan to find the right man. (some of you might even get to hear from my Man himself, Mike, if you sign up!) Spaces will book out FAST, so I recommend you sign up ASAP if you’d like a spot) [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”453120″]



Rejection. I don’t know many feelings that sting worse than that one. And, so many women (and men) end up dating, opening up their heart and then ultimately feeling rejected when the person they want seems to not want them back. Rejection sucks and I never want you to feel that way again. And, in today’s Flirty Friday video, I share a new way to think about rejection that will allow you to let that feeling go AND also stop worrying about letting guys down who you actually don’t want to date anymore.

april 24

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You are worthy and deserving of love right now as you are. You don’t have to change anything inherent to who you are in order to “win” love or make a man want you. Attracting men isn’t about looking perfect, being perfect or doing and saying all the right things. Those are just tactics. The secret to getting men to pursue you is to be able to lean back in your amazingness while also demonstrating to them exactly why you are such a great catch. (so they want to date you) As a Love Coach, I don’t believe in teaching women tactics designed to change who you are to “catch a man”. (that kind of stuff feels icky to me becasue it’s not based in love) I believe in showing you how to own your power, love who you are, and draw in the right man for you.


It’s not about doing the right things. It’s about getting into the right state of BEING, that is super attractive to your ideal man. And, there are simple shifts that you can make right now to amplify how attractive you ALREADY ARE  to stand out to amazing men and make them want to ask you out. 3 Key Shifts, Specifically, that I would LOVE to teach you so you can attract in more and better men (and attract the one). On Thursday, April 13th, I’m hosting a webinar on my 3-step Formula to Attract High-Quality Men with Ease. On this webinar you will learn:

  • how to get into the right energy to attract the right men in and repel the wrong ones
  • how to amplify your own attractiveness (without having to change who you are)
  • the #1 magic ingredient to manifesting in your ideal man

This webinar will show you once and for all that attracting in great men is something you absolutely CAN do AND that you don’t have to change who you are to do it. CLICK HERE to grab your spot for the webinar now. You can watch the webinar via video to view the slides and see me live OR dial in via phone. Either way, if you join me Thursday night, what I share with you can literally land you a new date within a week. How fun would that be? CLICK HERE to learn how to be super attractive to ideal men. xo, Nicole PS: Make sure to join me LIVE for this webinar because as always, I will be offering awesome bonuses for the women who stay on live including a f.ree gift of a product that normally retails on my website. [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”453120″]



If you are single and looking for love, this is the most important thing that you need to know: You can actually attract in any man you want,  even if you’ve been single forever, even if you’ve never been great with men, even if you’ve never had a quality man want you before. You can actually attract in any man you want. If you don’t believe me, then let me prove it to you this week. You see, I used to think that only certain kinds of women could attract in great men. Maybe you do too? I believed that other special women were great with men and I just wasn’t and there was nothing I could do about it. Maybe you do too? I was in a total man desert with NO ONE asking me out or maybe just one or two random men but they were creepy losers. Maybe you are too? What changed the game for me was when I discovered the magic secrets of attraction. I learned that there were simple things that I could to to make myself stand out to the right men and repel the wrong men. I used these 3 KEYS of attraction to attract in better and better men until I attracted in the RIGHT man, who is an absolute dream in every sense. And what I know to be true with absolute certainty is that ANY woman can increase how attractive she is to ideal men  if she follows these 3 KEY steps. On Thursday, April 13th at 5pm PST I am going to be sharing my 3-Step Formula to attract in high-quality men on a brand new webinar that you can watch or listen to from the comfort of your own home. (it will be the best 60 minutes you spend this week, I promise).


I’d love for you to join me so that you can attract your ideal man and make him choose you. Right now I have a 72 year old woman using this formula to attract in dates and it’s working. A woman who is super powerful and ambitious and who used to think no man would want her because she’s so into her career is using this formula to attract in more and better men. Women are having exes or men who they really liked but who didn’t pursue come back, out of the woodwork, and want to be with them when they use this 3 part formula. In short, it WORKS. And the best part is, you don’t have to change anything about yourself to make high-quality men want you. (really) You just have to know the 3 step formula that I’m going to share on Thursday. CLICK HERE to register now. Xo, Nicole PS: I make a BOLD promise on this webinar  which is that if you use what I teach, you will have a man ask you out this week. It’s that powerful. So, don’t miss it! CLICK HERE to register now to learn the 3 KEYS to attracting in high-quality men and making them want you. [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”453120″]



Have you ever been cheated on? I have and it HURTS.  I’ll never forget the day I learned that an ex had cheated on me not just with his ex wife but also with his ex girlfriend. I felt crushed beyond repair. But, today I have an EXTREMELY faithful man that I never ever ever worry about because I know he is 100% committed to me. How did I get here? In today’s Flirty Friday Video I share:

  • how to spot a cheater
  • how to spot a faithful man
  • 4 things to do right now to attract in a faithful man


Click  HERE to watch the video now. If you’ve been cheated on (which most women unfortunately have) OR worry about it, you don’t want to miss this video. xo, Nicole PS: How exactly do you attract in high-quality men who are faithful? You MAN-ifest them in.  I didn’t attract in a truly faithful man by accident.  I 100% took specific steps to bring him in AND I want to share those with you! On Wednesday, April 12th I’m going to be sharing my 3-step formula  to attract high-quality (non-cheating) men anytime, anywhere.  CLICK HERE to join me.


This 3 part PROVEN formula is exactly how I attracted in such a committed, family-oriented man. To attract in the RIGHT man for you, it starts with learning how to repel the bad men and only attract in the good ones. Click HERE to learn how to do that.


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I spent more than 20 years of my life feeling completely, utterly unworthy of love. I thought there was something wrong with me but I could never quite figure out what it was. And, when I felt unworthy of love, my love life was a mess. It wasn’t until I really filled myself up with love and felt totally worthy, that I attracted my amazing man Mike in. He tells me he loves me more times a day than I can count and gives me more love than I ever knew was possible. You can have that too once you feel WORTHY of love. In today’s Flirty Friday video, I share 3 ways to feel worthy of love now. CLICK HERE to watch the video now. I also share a story about a moment that happened to me in the fifth grade that I’ll never forget. xo, Nicole PS: Have a question for Flirty Friday? I’m answering more and more viewer questions in upcoming videos, so CLICK HERE to submit yours! [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”453120″]



I’m at a business event right now and I heard a speaker say something that really woke me up. She said: “There is something in our life that we are TOLERATING that we shouldn’t be”. I heard that and I immediately thought of you austin. Are you tolerating being single? Are you tolerating living every single day of your life NOT having the one thing that, deep down, you want most….love. Maybe you want a family. You KNOW in your heart that you are meant to be a mom. And to do that, you need to meet your man. But, you’ve been tolerating being single. You have gotten used to living a life  where you don’t have a plus one where you spend weekends alone where you finish a day of hard work and don’t have anyone there to ask “how was your day babe?”. I want you to stop tolerating being single austin. Because once you stop tolerating not having love and DECIDE to find the right man now, things can finally change. When I FULLY COMMITTED to love, I met my man in 3 months. WE got engaged 10 months after and got pregnant with our beautiful son who is the other love of my life. So in the span of less than 1 year, my life completely transformed from single to having it all. You don’t have to tolerate being single if you don’t want to. If you are truly truly truly READY to meet the right man now the one who is going to be your husband and father of your children, I want to help you. Here’s how: 1) Write down your #1 love goal on a piece of paper right now (doing this starts activating the manifestation process of making it happen) 2) DECIDE if you are ready.  Here’s how you know.  Ask yourself “am I ready and willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to find my man now?  Am I truly truly truly done with being single? 3) If your answer is YES then Click Here to book  a 20-minute Find The Right Man Call with a Love Coach to get a 3-step personalized plan to attract in your high-quality man now. This is a f.ree call and the purpose is to help you see clearly exactly what you need to do right now to meet your man this year. I’m here to help you create epic love. You don’t have to settle for a man that’s less than what you desire. You don’t have to settle for less than you deserve. And you certainly don’t have to tolerate being single. You are meant for so much more than that. xo, Nicole PS: The truth is if you are attracting in men that are not what you want there is something missing in how you show up. There is nothing wrong with you.  YOU are amazing and deserve great love. However, how you’re actually showing up with men is probably not conveying that. When you are in front of men, something is off that has you not attract the right man OR it has them not choose you. Let’s change that. I’m the person you go to when you’ve tried other things. When you realize that it’s NOT the men, it’s something in you that needs to shift. When you are READY to do the deep internal work that is ACTUALLY going to finally shift you into meeting your husband. [shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”453120″]



If you’re looking for love, it’s very likely that you’ve already made your list of what you want in your man. But, how do you know which things on your list are real non-negotiables and which things are you being “too picky”?. In today’s Flirty Friday video I share an easy way to determine which qualities are MUST-HAVES and which are nice-to-haves.

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CLICK HERE to watch the video now. xo, Nicole