Nicole is an incredible coach. She has a way of listening deeply and loving greatly, while gently and effectively guiding women to shed their barriers to love. I have witnessed her magic firsthand and I can say with confidence that she is absolutely a True Love Coach!

– Nisha Moodley FierceFabulousFree.com + ManifestationMastermind.com

I was interested in exploring my “best self” but didn’t know exactly how to proceed. Now I feel more confident about bringing out the whole inner goddess that is me! I realize now more than ever that it’s a process that I can work on at all times.

– Lucy McKeon

After a five minute conversation with Nicole, I had a completely new perspective on love and relationships. I had never been in a serious relationship and I was so sick and tired of holding myself back from something I truly wanted. Nicole understood where I was coming from and was able to pinpoint my fears and ask me questions that gently shifted my beliefs about relationships. Within two weeks of that conversation, I had dates lined up with incredible men. Nicole Moore is a love whisperer. If you are ready to finally attract the man that you deserve in your life, look no further than her.

– Alison Leipzig, Body Confidence Coach, www.alisonleipzig.com

“Nicole is a compassionate, intuitive, caring and loving person. She is truly committed to her work, and she will help you find the sparks within yourself. She is a true example of the meaning of Love in this world.”

– Monica Rodriguez

The 3 month coaching session with Nicole helped to change my perspective on love in a profound way. I was able to find more happiness, satisfaction and excitement in my relationships with others and more inward peace with myself. The tools she gave, including meditations, reading material and weekly assignments, helped me to clarify what my goals for love were and to stay focused on achieving them. I had set 3 goals in May and by the end of July, they had all been met! The most amazing part of the the process was understanding how self reflection can lead to self growth and how this growth initiates the most positive changes in family, work and love relationships, and even within daily interactions. I have a much better understanding of resentment, jealousy, frustration and self consciousness which has helped to reduce (and eventually eliminate!) those feelings from everyday thought, and truly that changes everything.

– Jane Terrana, Acupunturist, www.oloacupunture.com

Nicole is my go-to person for dating advice and drops love potion into my mouth whenever I see her. I look at her and only see hearts and love. Nicole is incredibly intuitive about relationships and dating and knows first hand how to attract love into your life because she has the personal experience to prove it. She has been that woman who learned to love herself wholeheartedly to attract love into her life, and now it is her personal mission to help women do the same. I am so beyond thankful for her!

– Jill Shapiro, Corporate Health & Wellness Coach www.wellnessbyjill.com

You are the best love coach! Thanks to your coaching, I am now married to my King!

– Bell Burgess

I had been married for twenty years and found myself single again at the age of forty five. I was nervous to re-enter the dating world. Nicole really helped me get unblocked to find my beautiful feminine self again. Nicole helped me to come back to my natural feminine attractiveness and accomplish all the goals we had set. Today I am in a wonderful relationship with a man who adores me and allows me to be me.

– Elisabeth Grabher

without you
This wouldn’t have happened without you! Nicole, Travis and I want you to be the Officiant at our wedding. Travis is everything I wrote on my list and more. He adores me!

– Elizabeth Brosseau

I listened to one of Nicole’s training calls on Magnetic Attraction primarily because I was curious. I’m very happily married but I was wondering if the techniques Nicole teaches could help me have a stronger presence and better attract clients to me. The day after listening to Nicole’s training I headed to a work conference and put her techniques to the test. Not only did Nicole’s advice for attraction help me to be more “in the moment”, network more naturally, and feel super confident; I got so much attention from men it was kind of crazy. Following Nicole’s advice, I had men in their 20s approaching me and saying things like, “You have the most amazing eyes!” and “Wow, I thought you were 25!” (I’m 35, and this comment came after I told someone I needed to call my kids to say “good-night”). I actually had a 19 year-old gentleman ask for my number. I told him I was married (after I stopped laughing) and he said, “Make sure to tell your husband that you still have it going on.” Even my husband has noticed how much attention I get when we go out to dinner or out dancing. And the best part is that at 35, happily married, and a mother of two children, I’ve never felt more beautiful! Nicole is an attraction expert…she truly knows how to make you feel beautiful and be irresistible!

– Marilee Sears

Six months ago, I had a ton of fear around dating. I couldn’t look men in the eyes, and felt uncomfortable with any sort of male interactions. This past week I went on three dates with great guys, and proclaimed to my friend while walking down the street, “I just love men!”. Nicole’s guidance has made a huge difference in every area of my life- I feel like everything has opened up. I’m living the life that I actually want to live- traveling more, going after what I really want, and choosing to be my own best friend (my new non-negotiable). Her advice has helped with every relationship in my life, and I feel a greater sense of fullness and content overall. Nicole- thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Morgan Husted