My core coaching philosophy is that for women, there’s a formula for lasting love that works and it’s this:

 Love Who You Are –> Love Your Life –> Experience Deep Love

Most women try to do it backwards.

We want to get the guy who loves and adores us first, and we think that once we have him, THEN we’ll love ourselves and love our lives.

But even if we get the guy from that place, we become needy, fearful and codependent if we’re not filled up with love for ourselves and for our lives first.

You don’t have to wait until you’re a perfectly self-loving being to find love.  But you do have to make sure that you find a way to source your love from within.

The Love Works Coaching Program fills you up with love in the right order so you can create LOVE THAT LASTS.


What does the Love Works Coaching Program Include?

Month 1 + Month 2 : Love Who You Are

  • Identify and clear love blocks and limiting beliefs so you are completely OPEN to love and feeling SO WORTHY of love
  •  Heal family dynamics /core wounding patterns / dysfunctional dynamics that are keeping you stuck in relationship drama
  •  Boost your self-love and self confidence massively so you feel like YOU are the prize, so you start attracting healthy, stable men who are commitment ready and pursue you

Month 3 + Month 4 : Love Your Life

  •  Create a self care routine and a life where you are putting YOU first
  • Release the need to people please and start to live life by your own design. Feel comfortable with the authentic YOU and express who you really are when dating
  •  Create the structures and activities that have you feeling lit up by your own life so you’re a fantastic date and a woman that a man WANTS to commit to

 Month 5 + Month 6 + Month 7 : Experience Deep Love

  • Learn to date in a way that works (trouble-shooting with Nicole during the dating process so you don’t sabotage yourself in love)
  •  Magnetize yourself to the perfect match (Identifying who is the version of you that has the love that you want and stepping into the woman you want to be to get the love you want)

Month 8 -Month 12: Create Lasting Love

  • Learn the secrets to creating a juicy, passionate romance.
  • Learn how to never lose yourself in a relationship again, so this time, love lasts.


VIP 12 Month Love Coaching Program

  • 12 months
  • 3 private 40 minute coaching calls (phone or Skype) every single month
  • 1 Half Day (3 Hour) Skype Love Coaching Intensive (designed to clear really big love blocks and re-wire your limiting beliefs around love)
  • Email support in between sessions (so you’re never spinning in fear around love. you’ve got me there to redirect your thoughts, keep you in your heart, and keep you focused on love.  This on-call access to me is really priceless)

I only work with a select group of women at at time so I can focus my time, heart and energy on them.  Love Coaching is a serious investment for those women who are truly ready to love themselves and create amazing love.

Inquire at nicole@loveworksmethod.com for more information.


1 Day Private Love Coaching Intensive

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A Private Love Coaching Intensive is one of the most profound gifts you can give yourself.

How many hours a week do you spend thinking about love? Stressing and worrying about love?

What if you could devote a whole day to getting your love life handled?

What if you could stop worrying and finally feel confident that you can create exactly the love you want, with ease?

What you’ll receive in your 1 Day Intensive:

  • Love Works Welcome Packet (a 25 page Welcome Packet that you fill out before the intensive that has me be super clear on your unique love challenges so we can laser in on the day of the intensive.)
  • 1 Day Private Coaching Intensive
  • 30 Day Action Plan ( your step by step custom plan to get the love you want)
  • A gourmet lunch with Nicole


Inquire at nicole@loveworksmethod.com for more information.


It’s time to end the dating madness and find true love.

It’s time to learn how to love yourself so much that you can’t help but attract more love instantly

It’s time to finally feel secure and worthy of love

It’s time to create lasting love

Interested in learning more about working with Nicole?

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