I Can’t Believe She Said This To Me

My friends hosted a surprise baby shower for me this weekend
and my Man Mike’s mom flew in to attend as a surprise too.

At one point during the shower, we were sitting in a circle
and everyone took turns sharing things that they love about me.

And Mike’s mom said something that had the whole room in tears.
She said “I am just so grateful to you Nicole
because I have never seen my son so happy
in his whole life.
The joy that you bring to him is incredible.”

I was humbled and happy to have my mother-in-law share so clearly
that she sees me as a total blessing to her son.


And I wanted to share this with you austin,
because here’s the thing:

So often in the search for love, we are focused
on what we are going to GET.
We think about what the man will add to our lives.
How he’ll make it better.
How we won’t be alone anymore.

But, we often forget to stop and think
about what we have to GIVE 
to the right man.

Do you realize that there is a man out there right now who would be BLESSED
by your presence in his life?

That some man out there is waiting for the special magic that only you can bring.
That you will light up his life.
Bring color to his black and white world.
Fill him up with love and give him what he’s been wanting too…a partner that’s truly right for him.

Take a moment right now to do this exercise:
Make a list of all the things that you have to offer to your ideal man.
How will you treat him?
How will you make him feel?
How will you add to his life?

If you do this exercise you’ll notice two things:
1) You have SO MUCH to offer!! You are a catch. 
2) Your search for love isn’t just about you and what you can get.
Finding the right man for you means you give someone else on this planet the gift of true love via your presence….Finding the right man and finding true love is one of the most unselfish things you can do
AND a gift to the world.  You in love = one more person on the planet in a positive vibration
and sending out the healing energy of love to the planet.

I hope this message today brings light to your heart when you realize
how much you have to offer.
And, that the right man for you is waiting for you to come into his life
and light it up.

You owe it to him to get to him.
Don’t let anything stop you from finding true love…most of all, you.


PS: When I met Mike I was SUPER CLEAR on my value and what I brought to the table. 
I knew I had a ton to offer and because of that, he saw it too.

Knowing your worth (Confidence) is 1 of the 3 areas
that you must be aligned in to meet your ideal man.

When you are 100% aligned for your ideal man, he comes in to your life,
no exceptions.

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When He Pulls Away 

Many men have a rubber-band-like quality to them
in love (according to John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars,
Women Are From Venus).

Meaning at some point,
whether they feel hurt,
or just too close to love,
they snap back and pull away.

What’s a woman to do when the man she’s dating has pulled away.

In today’s Flirty Friday Video, I share my top 3 tips
for how to respond when a man pulls away.

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Get Him to Cherish & Adore You!

Imagine having a man who truly cherishes and adores you.

A man who puts you first.
Who does sweet things just to make you happy.
And who treats you like a Goddess.

This is not a fairytale.
You can truly have it.

And in today’s Flirty Friday video, I share my top tips
for getting a man to cherish and adore you.

Good men are out there. And, the way you show up with a man
can also determine whether he adores you or not.

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PS: The truth is, I used to accept being treated like total crap by men. 
But, with some shifts in my energy and in my actions,
now I have a man who is loving and adoring 100% of the time. 

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