Help! I Never Thought I Would Have THIS Problem

I have a great story for you today.

At my client retreat this weekend
Nataliya sat in front of the room and asked for help.

She was in real need of a solution to the biggest love problem
that she’s facing at the moment.

Sounds bad right?

But wait until you hear her problem.

She said:
I am dating four amazing men right now 
and I don’t know which one to choose!

(it’s like she’s the bachelorette and can’t decide who gets a rose)

So, I asked her which man has all of the qualities
that you wrote down on your list
thinking that that would give her some clarity.

And she said…all of them.

That’s right.
Four amazing men. 
All bringing the exact qualities she wants in a man.

All very successful and on-purpose, all ready to have kids (they talked about it with her)
all spiritual and able to have deep intellectual conversations,
all attractive,
all wanting to be with her. 

Now, before you stop reading because you just can’t even imagine
something like this ever happening to you,
I want you to hear me on this.

Being pursued by high-quality men is NOT
where Nataliya started her love journey.

When we met, she was not getting what she wanted from men at all.
In fact, she was thinking that there’s something wrong with american men
(she’s eastern european) because they don’t pursue.

What changed the game for Nataliya?
She learned HOW to ATTRACT in the right kind of men.

She learned how to be the kind of woman
that men fall all over themselves to date and pursue

She learned my Attraction Secrets.

And, I’d like to share those with you!

I’m so thrilled to announce my brand new
5-Day Attraction Factor Challenge
which starts on Monday, February 27th.
(Click here to join now)

Each day, for 5 days, you’ll receive an email from me with one step 
of my proven Attraction Factor Formula
and a five minute exercise that you can do
to open up your energy to start attracting in more and better men
and position yourself to attract the one.
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Here’s everything you’ll get in this free challenge:

  • Access to a PDF download of my Attraction Factor Guide – the 3 KEYS to attract in ideal men anytime, anywhere
  • daily emails from me which will describe each step of the Attraction Factor Formula and then give you a short exercise to practice the step and open up your energy
  • access to the Attraction Factor private facebook group where you can connect with the other women doing the challenge

What I’ve discovered in working with hundreds of women to help them find love
is that there IS a formula to attraction.

I call it the Attraction Factor Formula
and there are 3 KEYS to this formula that can make any woman
super attractive to ideal men.

Key #1 + Key #2 + Key #3 = High-Quality Man Magnet

Curious exactly what the Attraction Factor Formula is
and what they 3 KEYS are to attracting in ideal men?
Join me for this f.ree challenge to find out.

I can’t wait to share my attraction secrets with you!

Every woman should have at least one high-quality man chasing them,
don’t you think?


PS: The funny thing is, all of the men that Nataliya is dating right now 
are international.

She thought American men were not great at pursuing
but she didn’t let this belief stop her.
Instead, she used the MAN-ifesting skills I taught her to manifest
four amazing international men who live in America so she could get what she wants.

So, you don’t have to let a limit stop you (including age, where you live, your career status, etc).
Once you know HOW to attract the right men in,
you have control over the kind of men you attract
and you can truly draw in multiple men so you have the ability to choose.

The best possible position for a woman to be in while dating is the Queen.
Leaned back.
Knowing her worth.
Letting men pursue her.

Let me show you how to be so attractive to ideal men,
that you are in that position
and you have your pick.

ANY woman can use these tools to start attracting in better men immediately.

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can I get your advice?

Can I get your advice on something?

I’m sure you’re aware it’s valentine’s day tomorrow
and my plan with Mike is pretty low key since we have a newborn.

We’re just going to snuggle together and watch a romantic movie
and I wanted to ask you….

what is your favorite romantic movie?

reply here to let me know!

I’d love to watch a really good movie tomorrow in honor of the day of love.

Thanks in advance for your help.


PS: I’m not a big fan of sending out an email telling you how 
to spend your valentine’s day becuase I’m sure your inbox will be clogged 

with other people telling you to celebrate with your girlfriends if you’re single
and make the best of the day.

I AM a big fan however of giving you amazing content
that will help you find an amazing man to spend all of your days with.

So, be on the lookout this week because I am announcing an amazing
f.ree 5 day challenge that is going to blow you away with how valuable it is.
(for those of you who did my 7 day attract the one challenge, you already know
how much my free challenges can actually make a difference for you
and this one is going to be more interactive and EVEN BETTER)

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hi :)

I saw this image on social media and it made me think of you
and about your year so far.


It wasn’t that long ago that I was sitting here reading the 2017 love goals
of the women in my community and it’s clear that you all want big, EPIC LOVE
in 2017.

And, I want to make sure you get it.

I’m back from my maternity leave and more fired up than ever
to help you get all the love you dream of and MORE.

So, if you set your goal for big love in 2017 but hit some bumps in the road, 
or felt yourself dip into fear lately, 
I want to let you know that it’s Ok. 

And that there’s always another chance to recommit to love. 

What if you just took a moment right now to stop.
And ask yourself these questions.

1) What if my love dream actually came true in 2017?  How would that FEEL?
(really spend a minute visualizing this until it feels so real you almost want to cry.

2) What do I have to let go of to make that dream happen? (example: fear, insecurity, controlling,
masculine mode, fear of rejection, intimacy, abandonment etc.)

3) Am I willing to let #2 go in order to receive #1?

The key is, if you WANT your love dream bad enough, you won’t ever stop.

You will just keep recommitting until you get there.

I want to give you a chance right now to recommit to love
and absolutely positively make sure 2017 = Epic Love for you.

Are you with me?

If your answer is yes,
then CLICK HERE to let me know
exactly how I can help you find love in 2017.

When you do, you will receive the following f.ree gifts
1) a link to book a 2017 Love Plan Call with one of my Love Works coaches (it’s f.ree but spaces book up within minutes usually so you have to act fast)
2) a link to the 8 Steps to Attract in a High-Quality Man That Wants to Commit to You Webinar (this is my most popular webinar ever that we retired last year but with this special link, you’ll have access!)

OR, if you’d prefer to speak with me privately
so you can get my personal expert feedback
on exactly what you need to do, step-by-step to meet your man in 2017

You always have another chance for love.
I hope that inspires you to recommit today if you need to.


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