Too Good Not To Share With You

I’ve been thinking.

The training call I did last night, The Sexy, Attractive, Powerful Woman: How to Get What You Want From Men AND From Life Using Magnetic Attraction was just TOO good not to share with the thousands of women in my community.

I mean, who doesn’t want to know exactly how to magnetize her desires to her, so they flow to her with ease?

Do you? If so, you’re in luck because I’ve decided ENCORE the training call.

Click here for ENCORE of the call….My magnetism secrets revealed in one hour. I promise you that if you follow my tips on the call you WILL feel more sexy, attractive and magnetic to your desires.

And, I did something I’ve NEVER done before on the call.

I offered you the chance to coach with me privately, for a FRACTION of what my private clients pay.

Normally, you can’t get private coaching access to me unless you’re a 6 month coaching client (and its a significant 5 figure investment)

But, if you TRULY desire amazing love, I want to help you get it.

So, until the end of September, I’m doing something I’ve never done before…*giving you the chance to coach with me privately for one hour for just $97*.

(my normal fee is $500 per hour so this is an insane deal….if you want love, you’d be crazy not to sign up)

For $97 you will receive a One Hour Magnetic Attraction Love Coaching Call with me (done via phone or skype) and I will spend an hour privately coaching you on the exact steps you need to be a MAGNET for your man desires, so they come to you with ease.

And here’s why I’m only offering this deal for one week:

A) my private coaching practice is booming so I only have a limited amount of time in my schedule to do these calls

B) The universe REWARDS quick decision makers and fast action takers. I want to work with women who are SERIOUS about making their love desire happen and who just need some help with how to magnetize them in.

So, if you’ve been wanting to coach with me privately, NOW is your chance.

You and me for one hour. And ‘ll give my heart and mind to making your love desire come true.

Sign up here.



PS: I’ve NEVER offered private coaching with me like this before so this really is your chance. You won’t have another opportunity to get coaching with me privately like this unless you join my 6 month private coaching program which is a significant investment, so sign up now before this limited time offer ends.

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You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

If love feels like a struggle for you right now, I want you to know that I get it. Really, I do.

The reason I’m a Love Coach isn’t because I’m perfect at love.

It’s actually because love was my area of the biggest struggle and the biggest pain.

I’ve been through it all in love:

I’ve been cheated on

I’ve been verbally abused

I’ve been a codependent, neurotic wreck in love

I have absolutely hated myself and wished I was anyone else but me

I have felt like the guys I like don’t like me

I have felt invisible to men and like no one asks me out

I’ve felt SO insecure around men and terrified to show my true self because of fear of abandonment

I’ve felt so unloved, so lonely, so alone

I even had to let go of the man I thought was “the one”.

So, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

And, there is so much hope for you.

What I know to be true is that if love has been your biggest struggle, it’s actually meant to be the place where you have the MOST good.

Yep, you’re actually meant for TRULY amazing love, better than you could ever imagine.

I know it because I lived it. I got to the other side. And you can too.

I’m no longer the woman who is struggling in love. And you don’t have to be either.

A completely turnaround in love is possible for you too….in fact, that’s what you’re meant for.

Today it feels like I can literally snap my fingers and get whatever I desire with men. It’s SO much fun!

Do you want that too?

Today, I am amazed at the QUALITY of men in my life, not just romantic but also the friends and colleagues and just amazing men that are loving me up.

Do you want that too?

Today I LOVE men and I feel irresistible to them.

I have power WITH men because I’m not afraid of men, or angry at men so I’m not trying to have power over them….so they just flow to me.

Do you want that too?

If you’re saying YES in your head that means it’s meant for you too.

So, how do you get there?

I will share the first step. It’s the most important one. And you can’t skip it.

Step one is:

You DECIDE that you ARE going to be the woman who has amazing love.

Yes, it’s really that simple.

Think back to a time when you really firmly decided something.

There’s so much power to a firm decision. When you truly decide, the universe moves for you to make it happen.

So, no matter how much you’ve struggled or been struggling in love, I invite you today to DECIDE that you WILL be the woman who has amazing love.

You will feel it in your bones if you truly do it.

There’s nothing that can stop a woman that’s truly decided she’s going to get what she wants.

You are so much more powerful than you think.

And there is so much more love available to you than you know.

You can absolutely have exactly what you desire in love, and even more.

And your area of biggest pain can become your area of the biggest joy.

That is what’s meant for you.



PS: One you’ve DECIDED you’re going to have amazing love, your next logical question might be “well, HOW do I get it then now that I’m super clear I want it?”

You don’t have to worry about that. That’s where I come in. As a Love Coach, I guide you step by step and show you exactly HOW to manifest the love you desire, and the confidence and self-love too.

And, I only work with women who are TRULY ready for love. Because I know if you’ve DECIDED you want it, then I can absolutely 100 percent help you get there.

Are you READY for love?

If so, I invite you to schedule a complimentary 20 minute Ready for Love Discovery Call with me this week.

We’ll get clear on what’s blocking you from amazing love, and I’ll lay out my plan to get you there. We will discover if we’re a fit to work together, but either way you’ll leave the call with fresh insight to move your love life forward.

Remember, if you’re READY for love, I can help you get there, so book time with me if amazing love is truly what you want right now.

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How to Deal With Critical Parents (So They Don’t Harm Your Love Life)

Did your parents criticize you growing up?  Maybe they still do.

I grew up with critical parents, so I know first-hand how devastating the effect of being criticized by those who are supposed to love you most can be.

It hurts. We take it personally.  And that criticism can tend to wreak havoc on our love lives, even if the criticism happened years ago.

As kids we are super vulnerable and we just want to be loved.

When we receive criticism from our parents, it can set off a dangerous thought pattern that goes something like this:

They are supposed to love me unconditionally
Because they are criticizing me, they don’t love me
So, there must be something wrong with me
I must be unlovable


Can you relate? 

The thing is, you can’t change how your parents treated you in the past.

And, your parents may never change, but your relationship to their love can

In fact, it MUST if you want to create happy, healthy love. 

It’s not enough to “know” they love you.  You HAVE TO FEEL IT on a deep level, in your bones.

Because until you FEEL on a deep level that your parents love you (or loved you if they are deceased), you’ll always be searching like a hungry ghost trying to find that missing love in someone else.

And your romantic partner can and should give you LOTS of love, but he can’t fill that space where your parents’ love should be.

And your parents cant either, actually.

The only one who can is YOU.

You see, how loved you feel by your parents has nothing to do with them.  It has to do with how you PERCEIVE the love that they gave you.

And you’re in control of that.  In this short video, I’m going to show you how to deal with critical parents and restore feeling loved by them.

This exercise will restore a feeling of love between you and your parents and set you free to attract and create healthy love with a partner who loves you up and treats you right.

You are loved. I promise.


PS: After you try this exercise, comment below and let me know what shifted for you.  I would love to know how it helped.

It’s cliche, but “daddy issues” and “mommy issues” really do mess up your love life if they’re not handled.  Until you can heal on the inside, you continue to attract partners who mirror what went on with your parents.

You want to be FREE to create love by choice, not by default based on what you think you didn’t get from your parents or how you perceive they hurt you.

The truth underneath it all is love, and once you FEEL loved on a deep level, you are truly FREE to love.

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