Get Him to Pay For Dinner (and court you)

Have you ever gone out with a man and really enjoyed the date
right until the very end when the check came
and he didn’t reach for it but awkwardly left it there
or asked you to pay half?

For most women that I coach,
their reaction to a man NOT paying on the first date is UGH
and total turnoff.

They want a man who picks up the tab right away
who does the pursuing
and who courts a woman and makes her feel special.

What I know to be true is that if you want a man to pay for dinner
and court you, there are things you can do to attract in that kind of man
AND draw out that behavior.

In today’s Flirty Friday video I share my top ways
to get a man to WANT to pay for dinner
and court you.


My man Mike made a special appearance on this video 
to explain first-hand what I did on our first date that inspired this behavior from him.

This is one you don’t want to miss
so CLICK HERE to watch the video now.


PS: Check out this amazing podcast interview I did
with my friend and colleague Jessica Nazarali
who is a business coach for It-Girl entrepreneurs.

In this 20-minute interview I share why it’s totally possible for any woman
to have major success in both business and love.

And, I share my simple 2 step process for ditching negative thinking
and why mindset is EVERYTHING.


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What I Did In Bed This Morning…

I did something in bed this morning that I want to share with you.

I slept all night with my beautiful baby son
snuggled in the crook of my arm like a teddy bear.
(well, by all night I mean 4 glorious hours which is a lot for a newborn mom!)

And when I woke up,
I did something that helps me create more love.

I took a look at his sweet face
and clicked my eyes shut, 
as if I was taking a photo of the moment 

to be stored in my memory bank.

Then, I took a deep breath, really FELT the goodness of the moment
and told my cells “THIS is what you are supposed to feel like.
This is your new normal.”

This simple practice helps me establish LOVE
as my baseline because I do three simple things
1) stop and notice the love in my life (being present)
2) have gratitude for it (which raises my vibration)
3) remind my cells, that LOVE is real and what life is supposed to be like,
as opposed to fear (this programs my subconscious to expect more love in the future)

I wanted to share this simple practice with you because it can really help you
notice the love that’s already in your life and thereby increase it.

We get what we focus on.
And what we appreciate appreciates.

So, take a moment today to take a mental snapshot
of the love in your life.

I promise that if you look for it, you will find it.


PS: Is there anything more heart-melting than a man with a baby?
Seriously, nothing better.



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New Years Love Fest!!

There will be some amazing love content coming your way in 2017
including more Flirty Friday videos and a brand new webinar
on how to Manifest Your Man in 2017.

But, this week, I wanted to share how to wrap up 2016
to make sure 2017 is even better.

The first thing I do going into the new year
before looking at my next goals is that I take a moment
to digest all of the amazing moments from the year.

This helps me feel so totally in love with the year I just had 
that that energy carries over into the next.

I know that 2016 was a particularly rough year for many,
but I want to invite you to take a moment right now
and list out your top favorite moments of 2016.

What did you LOVE about the year?
What are you proud of yourself for?
How did you grow?
What challenged you and how did you overcome it?

Once you do this, and are feeling super good,
THEN it’s time to set your 2017 goals, including one for love.

The key is, 
you want to set a goal from a space of love
(feeling good about yourself and your life), 
not from a space of lack
(feeling not good enough). 


1) My Maui engagement on the beach
2) Getting pregnant
3) Moving into a new home with Mike with an incredible ocean view (my first time living with a man)
4) Taking a 1 week spa vacation at Mi Amo in Sedona (ultimate self-care)
5) Hosting 4 client retreats, selling out my programs and crossing and then
exceeding the half a million dollar mark in my business (all while pregnant!)
6) Having my beautiful baby boy Luke (this is by far the best one!)

Now that I feel AMAZING about my year,
you can be sure I’ll be setting some big goals for 2017
and I can’t wait to share the epic manifestations with you.

I hope that 2017 brings you more love than you could ever imagine.

And, I’m so grateful to have you here in my community.


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