I Used To Hate Myself

Today I am filed with self-love.  But it wasn’t always that way.
In fact, not too long ago I used to HATE myself.
Every day was a struggle back then because it was like I was living with an enemy within.
I felt like I had an angry lady screaming at me in my head 24/7.
My thoughts were so negative that it felt like I was being stabbed inside constantly with the harsh words I said to myself.
In short, life sucked because my relationship with myself sucked. (and my love life was a mess)
And back then, I knew I SHOULD love myself, but  the truth is, I didn’t know how.  (scroll down for my formula on how to love yourself)

I wished I could just take a magic pill and wake up feeling confident and full of love for myself. 
I knew that self-love was the missing key. 


The piece that I needed to love my life and also create amazing love with a great guy.


But I felt lost and confused because how the heck was I supposed to love myself anyway?


Well, I figured it out.


After enough pain, I got sick and tired of living a life where I didn’t love myself, I became OBSESSED with self-love.


I vowed that I would become a woman who was truly confident and who truly loved herself.


I worked on my self-love every single day for years, and I taught myself how to do it.


I created my own system for self-love because I didn’t have a model to follow, so I had to make up my own.


It worked, but it took me a very long time.


And the thing is, self-love is the #1 thing a woman needs to have an amazing life and amazing love, but no one teaches us HOW to do it.   That’s kind of crazy, right?


We’re just supposed to know how to love ourselves and we feel so wrong when we don’t, which only makes us hate ourselves more.


Enough is enough.


I want to break that cycle and I don’t want other women to take YEARS to learn how to love themselves like I did.



The truth is, if you follow the right formula, step-by-step, self-love can become your way of being quicker than you think. (in a few months, not years


And I want that for you.  Because I want you to have what I have.


Today my life is amazing and I honestly wake up happy most days.


I feel like I have a best friend living inside of me now instead of an enemy.


When men meet me the number one thing they say is how sexy and confident I am.


And my love life is 1,000 times better than it was when I didn’t love myself.


So, if you’re wondering HOW to do this whole self-love thing, I want to share with you some practical steps that you can start implementing right away:

Step 1) Don’t Believe The Thoughts That Hurt


The voice of love doesn’t yell at you or criticize you.  If there’s a voice in your head that’s making you feel like crap, that voice IS NOT the truth.


In order to turn around the negative dialogue in your head and start loving yourself you first have to truly get that the self-hating voices in your head are lying to you.


The bottom line is: any voice that makes you hurt is probably not the voice of love and it’s not the truth.


When you notice the self-critical thoughts you need to stop and say out loud “these thoughts hurt me so i know they are not the truth”.


The more you do this the less you will believe that voice and that opens up space for the self-loving voice to come in

Step 2) Ask For Help

A Course in Miracles says that “love will enter into any mind that is truly willing.”


So, if you want to love yourself, you have to be willing to let love into your mind when your negative thoughts are going crazy.


Say this prayer to yourself  (or to your angels or God) silently or out loud:


I want to love myself.  I want to see myself with love.  Please help me see myself with love.


Then take a deep breath, pause and see if you can connect with your heart.  You might find that there’s a soothing voice in there that speaks to you when you actually ask for it and listen. That’s the voice you want to cultivate in order to truly love yourself.


It might sound a little out there, but I promise you it works.


If you need additional help with this piece, and, if you really want to boost your self-love quickly, the best thing to do is hire a coach who can teach you how to do it step-by step.

3) Start Massive Self Care

Do 1 act of self-care each morning and night so you bookend your days in self-love.


This can be something super simple like meditating, dancing until you feel really good, taking a bath, reading positive affirmations out loud or even just giving yourself a big hug.


When you start taking care of yourself, it tricks your brain into thinking that you love yourself because we take good care of the things that we love.  (a former coach I worked with, Lisa Fabrega, taught me that)


Self-care makes you more confident because it makes you feel worthy.


Here’s why you MUST improve your self-love now:


The quality of men that you call into your life, and/or what you get from the man you’re with is directly related to how much you love yourself.

Men are responding to YOUR energy.  So the more you love yourself, the more you naturally draw men to you who love and cherish you, or draw out more love from the man you’re with. 


You can’t have a great relationship with the right man if you don’t have a great relationship with yourself.


Self-Love really IS the secret.







PS: Self-Love is a BIG focus of my new Get and Keep Your Man Group Coaching Program which starts soon.


In this group coaching program you will learn how to be a woman who is full of love and a man magnet for the RIGHT kind of men, so you can have your pick from the best men.  And, I’ll also show you how to keep him.


You will learn from me step-by-step exactly how to love yourself and be a sexy, confident woman who gets what she wants from the right man.


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Lots of Men Wanting YOU – Being A Man Magnet

Imagine walking into a party, restaurant or conference room with total confidence knowing that you can have any guy you want.


You’re magnetic.  You walk into a room and men notice you.  


And, you like it.


You’re not afraid of the attention. You enjoy it because you know you deserve it.


You’re not looking around at the other women in the room worried that they’re prettier, smarter or more fit than you.


You know that YOU are the one that men will choose because you’ve got the power of being irresistible to men.

You’re a Man Magnet. 


You lock eyes with a handsome man and smile and he walks over to you.

He can’t help but be drawn to you.


You know that if you want him, he’s yours. (of course I’m talking about single, available men here).


And when you’re out in the world, men open doors for you, compliment you and fall all over themselves to serve you.

Now at this point you might be rolling your eyes saying “Nicole, that’s impossible!”



I don’t have ANY men wanting me right now, let alone lots of them.



I get it, I’ve been there. I used to spend many many long stretches of time in a veritable man drought.



But then, I learned how to be irresistible to men. And that gave me power. (yes, it’s a skill-set and it any woman can learn it)


The power to walk into a room with confidence and draw men to me.


The power to have my pick of men, knowing that I AM THE PRIZE, rather than being in the desperate “please pick me!” energy that I had lived in for so long.

And I want you to know is that this power of being irresistible to men isn’t just available for some women....you know the prettier ones or the younger ones or the smarter ones or the more successful ones.

It’s available for ALL women. (including you).

Here’s why:
Attraction is the domain of the feminine.  That’s how we get what we want. 

And you, my love, have a feminine power that lives within you that you can use to draw to you whatever you want.

Once this power is activated, you’re a magnet and can’t help get what you want, including men. 

That’s the place I live my life from.  And I teach my clients to do the same. 

And today, I want to leave you with the first step to activating that power. 

It’s a thought, really.  Something to consider and let get into your system. 

Take this phrase with you for the whole week.  Repeat it to yourself over and over again and just let the phrase reveal to you what it wants to reveal. 

Here it is:


The reason I want you to do this is because being irresistible to men (becoming a Man Magnet) is the first step to getting and keeping your man. 

Because when you have an inflow of available men wanting you, then you’re in control. 

Then you have your pick. 

And your energy shifts from desperation as in “please pick me!” to confidence as in “I KNOW I am the prize and I get to choose from lots of men who is the best fit for me.”
That’s when you get the GREAT guy, from that energy space. 

So remember, in order to be irresistible to men, you have to be irresistible to you.  Just let that sink in.  

That’s step one.  I’ll reveal more next week.




PS: If you’re in a serious man drought right now,  and can’t even imagine ONE available man wanting you let alone tons, then let’s talk. 

A few simple tweaks in your energy will have you start attracting an inflow of men coming in. 

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Why You’re Not Attracting The Right Man

I know you really really want to meet the right man.

But, honestly, wanting it is not enough.

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