I Was Really Sick

My parents never told me they loved me until I was well into my 20s, so I grew up believing that I was unloveable and that there must be something wrong with me.

As a child, I felt neglected and emotionally under-nourished, and to cope with that, I told myself safety lied in being independent and alone.

I was extremely insecure and hated myself. 
I was desperate for love, and yet I couldn’t even admit to myself how much I wanted it because I was terrified of love at the same time.

My early experience in life had taught me that love wasn’t safe, that the people I loved most
would just hurt me, and that the only way to protect myself was to close my heart completely.

In short, I was sick.
Sick with the disease of thinking that I was somehow broken and unloveable.

Sick from living with a closed heart that was dying from not letting love out or letting love in.

And it was hard. 
Because it’s very difficult to walk through the world afraid of love.

Love the the #1 need human beings have….it’s important.
If you don’t have love, you don’t really have anything

I got that. 
One day I finally realized that love isn’t the scariest thing out there.
NOT having love is. 

So, I embarked on a years-long journey to learn about love.

I worked on my self-love like it was a full-time job.

And, you know what?

Love healed me. 

The very thing I had most craved my whole life, yet was terrified of at the same time, was the thing that made me whole.

I let love in and filled myself up with self-love. 

And, because of that, I have an amazing man who completely cherishes and adores me and treats me like a Goddess. 

And, it’s not scary….it’s absolutely wonderful.

Today, LOVE is literally my job.
I’ve coached hundreds of women to find love and I’ve studied love every single day for the past 10 years.

So, believe me when I tell you this: 

The truth is, love doesn’t hurt you.
Fear does.

Love isn’t scary, but living in fear of love is. 

Love won’t hurt you, but fear will. 

You see, my love, if you’re reading these words I know you want love.
You really, really, really do.

So, here is my invitation to you:
Let love in.

If you let love in, it will heal you.

You will stop believing you are broken, and you will remember you are whole.

You will attract in an amazing partner who totally adores you. (really)

Your life will finally feel like it’s working.

You see, love IS the magic elixir.
It’s the answer and the key.

And, the search for love is the most important journey you can ever take in this lifetime.

Love really is the most important thing.
And, until you have it, nothing else really matters. 

My life is amazing because I know how to love.
My life works because I love myself.
My man adores me because I truly adore me.

If I could go from being the most broken, most insecure, most scared woman on the planet,
to truly LIVING AS LOVE, then so can you.
All you have to do now is make a decision. 

And, it’s the most important decision you will ever make in your entire life.

Do you choose love?
Or do you choose fear?

I promise you, my love, that your fear is not protecting you, and it’s not keeping you safe.

It’s keeping you stuck.

Love will heal you.
If, you let it in.

So….will you? 


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It’s Not The Universe, It’s YOU

Time for some fierce love here.

Are you waiting for Divine Timing to bring you your partner?

Are you thinking that it will “just happen” for you someday?

Or, are you telling yourself that you’re somehow unlucky in love and that the universe is just holding out on you?

Here’s the truth:
It’s not the universe…it’s YOU. 

When you are 100% aligned for the right man, he shows up.

And, he doesn’t show up a second before.

So, the universe hasn’t been holding out on you…you have.

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You’ve been settling for less than you deserve, which tells the universe you’re actually OK with what you’ve got.

Or, you’ve been dating in the same way over and over again for years and expecting a different result.

I care about you having the love that you want so I’m going to be honest with you…

The truth is: your love life doesn’t shift until YOU do.

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When you get out of your own way and become aligned, then the universe really does send you an EVEN BETTER Man than you dreamed of.

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He Worships Me

Last week I got the best surprise from my man.

I heard my doorbell ring and I opened the door and there was a deliveryman with beautiful roses and the BEST note.

To My Goddess, You Make Me Feel Things That I Have Never Felt Before.
You Are My Angel And You Feed My Very Soul. Please Accept My Service, My Devotion, My Affection. 

I want you to take a moment and imagine a man saying those things to you.

And, not just any man, but a REALLY High-Quality Man.

Not a man that you had to settle for, but a man who is: spiritual. passionate, successful, abundant, attractive,  an amazing lover, compassionate, caring, romantic.

A man who plans dates and vacations and loves taking you out to dinner.

A man who’s fully emotionally available, who can hold space for you to be ALL of you and who’s also playful and so much fun to be with. 

A man who is confident in who he is and who loves his life but who also prioritizes you.

A man who doesn’t try to confine you but who supports your freedom, supports your work and supports you being fully YOU. 

Imagine what it would be like to be with a man who totally worships you, and who you also adore. (no settling)

Want a man like this? It’s totally possible for you, I promise.

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It wasn’t an accident or luck that I attracted in this kind of man. 

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(my flowers!)

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