Getting Married!

I’ve got some CLIENT WINS I want to share with you. I hope they’re inspiring for you, wherever you’re at in love!

Client Success Story (Doomed in Love To Marrying A Man Who Adores Her):

One of my favorite former clients Bell texted me yesterday to let me know that she is getting married in December! 

Here’s why this is huge:
When Bell first started working with me, she literally thought she was cursed in love.


Every relationship that she had ended right at the 2 year mark. It was a vicious cycle that she couldn’t get out of.


Bell came to me right as her relationship with her man was nearing the 2 year mark.


She was terrified of losing him, she was pushing him away and sabotaging their relationship and she didn’t know how to stop.


They did, in fact, break up, right before she starting working with me, but through our coaching work, she got him back.


Their relationship improved tremendously (because her self-love skyrocketed) and he started telling her that he couldn’t wait until she had his last name….and now that’s happening for her!


Client Success Story(Unavailable Men Magnet to Attracting Men Who Want To Commit):


My client Elizabeth had completely shut her heart down after a traumatic breakup in her early 20s, followed by lots of random encounters with men that left her feeling devalued.
Her unhealed issues with her father were causing her to completely distrust men and feel that she was unworthy of love, commitment and attention from a great guy.


She stayed away from dating to protect herself or she chose men that didn’t treat her right because that felt safer.  Sound familiar?

I coached Elizabeth to heal from the trauma from her Dad and create a new blueprint for love that was what she actually wanted, not what she thought she could get based on how her Dad had treated her growing up.
We also worked on her belief system so she started to feel worthy of a great guy AND believe that he exists, he would want her and not leave, and she could attract him in.


And Elizabeth just met an amazing, marriage-minded guy that has so many qualities that she’s looking for!


It’s too soon to tell if this is her forever guy, but the important thing is that now Elizabeth knows what she deserves and that she can manifest amazing men whenever she wants.  She doesn’t have to settle anymore for crumbs just to get some attention.


Client Success Story(She Got The Love Of Her Life Back):

Another client Rachel, starting working with me because she had pushed away the love of her life and she wanted him back.  
Rachel had gotten very sick last year with an illness that affected her mood and that, combined with old love baggage had caused her to push away her man and they broke up.  But as she healed and the fog lifted, she realized this man was super special and truly loved her.

The problem was that he had started dating someone else as a rebound after they broke up and he didn’t trust her anymore because she had acted pretty terrible to him towards the end.


We started working together and helped Rachel forgive herself, love herself, feel sexy again and clear away the old love baggage and limiting beliefs that had caused her to mistreat her man.


I coached her to start dating again, which helped her remember what a catch she is and to focus ONLY on her desire that they partner up again (not all her fears and doubts).


And, her man came back.  He broke up with the rebound girl and asked her if they can start dating again! 

Here’s why this matters for you:

If these women can completely turn around their love lives and get EXACTLY what they want in love (no matter what happened in the past) so can you.

These women are no different from you.  But they do have some things in common that I believe made the difference for them in creating lasting love.

1) They showed the universe they were TRULY ready for the love they wanted by investing in coaching.  


The bottom line is: if you want a man to commit to you, you have to be committed to yourself and to love first. Wishing your love life will improve isn’t enough.  You’ve gotta put some skin in the game (invest) and make it a priority.


2) They took 100 percent responsibility for their love lives, stopped blaming the men and worked on shifting their own energy. 


The truth is, men are responding to YOUR energy.  If you want your love life to shift you HAVE to shift on the inside first.


I hope you’re inspired after reading this that real love is possible for you no matter what.


I woke up this morning feeling so inspired to give.  After getting that text from Bell, I feel even more fired up to help as many women as possible get the love they deserve. 

So, I opened up five spots this week for a Ready For Love Clarity Session.


It’s a complimentary 15-minute phone call with me to get you clear on exactly how to get the love you want.


You’ll walk away with clarity on what’s really blocking you from lasting love, and my plan to get you there. 

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If you know you deserve amazing love and you’re tired of struggling,


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Show the universe you’re committed with this one simple step.

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An Abundance Of Great Men

Are you surrounded by GREAT men?

I was reflecting last week on how I have manifested so many amazing, open-hearted, masculine, respectful, respectable, handsome, present, sweet, caring men in my life.

Men who want to serve me, love me, help me, show up for me. Men who appreciate me.

From lovers to former lovers, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, what I’m noticing is an ABUNDANCE of TRULY GREAT MEN in my life.

What’s my secret?

Here’s how I attract and manifest great men:

1. I love and appreciate men. I don’t hate men. I can’t stress this point enough. In my opinion, many women don’t truly love men but instead consciously or subconsciously try to manipulate men and use them for validation or to satisfy ego needs.

2. I truly BELIEVE that great men exist. And now, I always consciously look for something to appreciate about the man that is in front of me.

3. I love and respect myself more and more and that draws awesome people into my life.

4. I did a massive spring cleaning exercise on men and really went deep on clearing away all of the resentment I had towards men. I also did a lot of work on forgiveness and understanding.

5. I don’t view men as bad or only wanting sex and I don’t shame them. I see them as looking for connection and love, just like me and everyone else on the planet.

6. I got clearer on my boundaries, who I am and what I’m a match for.

Take a look at the 6 points above and check in with yourself. Which ones are you rocking out right now? And which ones could you stand to improve?

The thing is, great men DO exist.

You just have to know how to manifest them and then all of a sudden it seems like great men are everywhere, because that’s who you’re surrounded by.

If your life is lacking in great men right now, I invite you to consider that it’s not that they don’t exist. (they do). It’s really that you just need to open up and shift so they can be drawn to you.

And I’d love to help you with that.

Because I believe that every woman should have lots of great men in her life (friends, lovers, etc) loving her up, supporting her, adoring her and keeping her safe.

If you want my help because you’re frustrated by the lack of great men in your life and you want to have lots of great men wanting you (so you can have your pick of the litter)

CLICK HERE to book a complimentary Attract Great Men Discovery Call with me and let’s make that happen for you.

In the call. we’ll talk about where you’re at in your love life and I’ll lay out my specifc plan for you to attract great men who love and adore you.

Let’s move you from lack of great men to an abundance of great men…so many that you don’t even know what to do with all of them.

It’s possible for you and I’d love to show you how to do it.

Here’s your first step to making that your reality. Click here to go directly into my calendar and book your complimentary Attract Great Men Discovery Call with me now.

You’ll see the times I have available this week and you can pick the one that’s best for you. (limited spaces available so book fast before the spots are gone)



PS: I went out to lunch with a new guy friend last week and when the waitress brought our food to the table, she had gotten my order wrong. This man got up from the table (without me having to say anything) and walked up to the waitress and asked her to bring me my correct order.

Wow! I felt SO held and taken care of in that moment. I didn’t even have to lift a finger.

This is what I mean. There are so many great men out there and it’s so much fun when your world is full of them. Then you get to feel like a Queen.

If you want things like this to happen to you (with friends and with lovers) go ahead and book time in my calendar to speak with me. I can help you get there, I promise.

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Why I Threw Away Everything In My Closet

I just gave away 90% of my clothes and my closets are now bare. Why?

I woke up one day and realized that I had a closet mostly full of clothes that made me feel good but not GREAT.

Clothes that are a fit for the woman who I used to be, but not a match for who I am now and who I choose to be.

And I drew a line in the sand a made a decision.

I said, “From here on forward, I only want to wear clothes that make me feel fabulous, sexy and one hundred percent ME.”

So almost everything had to go.

Radical? Yes.

But now there’s space. An open invitation for the perfect wardrobe to come to me.

Can you see how this relates to love?

So many times we hold onto “old clothes” in the love department that just aren’t a fit for us.

Whether it’s exes, unavailable men or even limiting beliefs and stories that keep us from love.

The thing that I realized about my wardrobe is that the clothes I currently had were keeping me attached to a version of myself I had outgrown. The version of me that would settle for less.

To truly step into the woman I choose to be, I knew it was necessary for me to let go and create some space to become my vision.

And it’s the same with love.

As long as you continue to believe in your old love stories and limiting beliefs, or interact with men who aren’t a fit for you, you’re going to continue to feel the same way you’re feeling now (and have the same love life results, or lack thereof).

If you’re settling for less in your wardrobe or in the love department, I invite you to consider that maybe it’s time to throw some stuff out and start anew.

Here’s how I did it with my wardrobe and how you can do it to:

Step One:

Get a clear vision of the woman you want to be and what she looks like.

What essence do you want people to feel from you via your wardrobe? Sexy, Elegant, Flirty, Beachy? Pick an essence that feels the most YOU. (mine is Sexy Star)

Step Two:

Go into your wardrobe with some large garbage bags and pick up each piece one by one. Does it make you feel fabulous and is it aligned with the vision of the woman you want to be? If not, give it away.

I know you might be tempted to keep some items because maybe one day you’ll wear them, but the truth is you won’t, and they’re taking up space where clothes that are a perfect fit could be.

Step Three:

It’s time to get inspired. Go on Pinterest and create a Fashion board with looks that represent the woman you want to be.

Step Four:


The truth is, the right wardrobe is SO essential to finding the right man for you (or having the man you’re with drool over you). It’s not a luxury at all.

When you feel great about how you look and in what your’e wearing, you’re magnetic.

I wore a new pair of funky pants that feel SO me to a concert last weekend and two men literally ran up to me and said “I just have to tell you how sexy you are.”

This stuff works :)



PS: If you’re wanting to step into a sexier, more confident and attractive version of yourself so you can attract a great man, I just did a free training call called “The Sexy, Attractive, Powerful Woman” that will give you the boost you need to get started.

In the call, I teach you how to be a woman who gets what she wants from men AND from life using magnetic attraction.

You can listen to my training call here. You’ll love it. I promise.

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