How To Manifest The Exact Right Man For You

You don’t have to settle. 

You really can have exactly what you want in a man, and in love.
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Want a spiritual man who knows how to lead and who will take you to Paris on a whim
and buy you jewelry just because he loves you so much?  Done.

Want a mogul who is doing great things for the world? Done.

Want a successful, masculine man who treats you like a Queen, takes baths with you every night and does intention-setting every day with you in the morning? Done.

Really.  When you know how to MAN-ifest, you can draw EXACTLY the kind of man you want into your reality.

And, if you’re 100% aligned for him, he will CHOOSE YOU.

You won’t have to force him or chase him or get him to commit.
He will step up and claim you. 

These men exist.  In fact, each man I described above was attracted in by one of my clients. 

They attracted in the RIGHT man, and didn’t have to settle, because I taught them the FORMULA to MAN-ifest the exact man they want  

And, I decided to share one of my TOP Man MAN-ifesting secrets with you. 

So, my clients won’t be the only ones with REALY great men. 
You can attract the right one in too. 

In this webinar, I share my top MAN-ifesting secret for drawing in the right man.

You don’t want to miss it. 

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PS: MAN-ifesting is a LAW…which means that the techniques don’t just work for some women, they work for EVERYONE who applies the principles. 

Getting the right man and keeping him is actually an exact science, and if you have the right formula, you can’t fail. 

If you want to learn how to manifest and keep the right man for you, I’m happy to help!

Let’s jump on the phone for a quick 20 minute, complimentary Get And Keep Your Man Call
and I’ll lay out a personalized step-by-step plan for you to get the man you want. 

Life is too short to waste not having the right man by your side.  You deserve it. 

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Are You Ok?

Are you ok? 

And, what I mean by that is: are you actually ok being single and not having the love that you want?

I had two of my single girlfriends (who are in their mid 30s) stay with me in San Diego this weekend,
and they actually told me the TRUTH about being single. 

These are amazing, beautiful, super-successful women who have it all (almost).
They have great lives, great friends, 6 figure businesses and they travel a ton. 

But when we got down to deep girl talk, they opened up and told me the truth:

“Something’s missing….and I’m actually NOT OK being single.”

It was painful for them to admit this at first. 
Because, like many women, they’ve been trained to think that “needing” a man is wrong
and not to rely on a man for happiness. 

And, its true. A relationship never works when a man is your SOLE source of happiness. 

But, when you’ve got EVERYTHING in your life except the Man, It’s OK to want the Man to come in and complete the puzzle.

The real truth is, you DO need the right man to come into your life, just like my friends do.

Women are wired for partnership. 
We THRIVE when we are in a happy, healthy relationship. 

It doesn’t make you weak to want a man to come home to at night.
It makes you human.

So, are you truly happy being single?
Is it really OK for you to NOT have an amazing man by your side, supporting you and loving you up?
If your real answer is yes, then you should stop reading this right now.

If it’s no, then let’s talk. (click here to speak with me this week about your love life)

Because if you want to meet the right man to complete your puzzle, you can do that in less than 1 year….really.

In my Get And Keep Your Man Group Coaching Program (enrolling now), I teach smart, successful, amazing women just like you how to apply a proven formula and get and keep the right man in 1 year. 

My two beautiful friends just joined Get And Keep Your Man because they know they can’t get there on their own. 

They didn’t join the program because there’s something wrong with them. 

They joined the program because they KNOW deep down that they’re meant for amazing love and they refuse to settle. 

And, they also know that if they knew how to get the man on their own, they would have already.  They admitted it’s time to let themselves be led to love. 

ANd, since they’re such smart successful women, they know that if they just follow a PROVEN FORMULA they will get their result. 

Which is exactly what Get And Keep Your Man is.  
A proven formula, with super successful results to get you to your man in less than 1 year. 

If you want to meet your Man this year, Get And Keep Your Man is your perfect next step.
Women just like you followed the formula, and these are their results:

We are enrolling now for Get And Keep Your Man and this course WILL sell out.

If you’re interested in seeing if GAKYM is the right fit for you, let’s set up a quick time to chat (no pressure).

You can have the man of your dreams in less than 1 year.
But, you’ve got to follow a formula that works.

I have that formula and I’ve helped SO many women go from single and stuck to being with the man of their dreams.

I’d love to help you Get and Keep Your Man too.


PS: I thought, if my  2 friends are feeling this way:
Deep down they know it’s not OK to be single.  And, as happy as they are, there’s a limit to their happiness because they don’t have the man that they want, then maybe you are too.

If you’re ready to meet the man of your dreams and you just need to know HOW to do that,
let’s chat and I’ll be  happy to lay out a plan for you. 

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Your Dating Strategy Sucks! Try This Instead.

I say this with love….your dating strategy SUCKS.

Deep breath….It’s ok.

There IS a better way.

You see, what I’ve seen from speaking to and coaching hundreds of women on their love lives, is that 99% of single women are dating the wrong way.

In fact, the way they date actually keeps them single WAY longer. 

Are you curious to know if you’re making this crucial dating mistake that pretty much guarantees that you never meet your man?

Click here to watch this short video where I explain why you’re still single, and share with you the Dating Strategy that I created, “Dating For Growth”, which gets you to your man in 1 year or less.

Many of my clients who use this strategy go from being single for years (sometimes even 10 years)  to meeting their high-quality, amazing, committed man in less than 6 months. 

It REALLY works. 

Click here to watch this video to learn:
– why your current dating strategy sucks and is actually keeping you single
– how to date in the right way that brings your man to you WAY quicker and actually makes dating FUN.

It shouldn’t be taking you years to meet your man.
If it is, there’s something in your dating strategy that needs to be shifted so you can meet your man.
With the right strategy, you can meet your man in less than 1 year (and it doesn’t matter where you’re starting from, what your past is, or how long you’ve been single).


PS: If you want to Get AND Keep the right man, you really can do it in less than 1 year with the right dating strategy.

If you have a feeling that the way you’re dating isn’t working, and you want some expert feedback, I’m happy to help. 

Click here to book a complimentary 20 minute Get and Keep Your Man Clarity Call with me and I will show you why your dating isn’t working and give you a personalized step-by-step plan to attract and keep the right man. 

I only have room in my calendar for calls this week, and then the spots are gone. So, if you want to speak with me privately, now is your chance.  Click here to book your Get And Keep Your Man Call with me now. 

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