Lots of Men Wanting YOU – Being A Man Magnet

Imagine walking into a party, restaurant or conference room with total confidence knowing that you can have any guy you want.


You’re magnetic.  You walk into a room and men notice you.  


And, you like it.


You’re not afraid of the attention. You enjoy it because you know you deserve it.


You’re not looking around at the other women in the room worried that they’re prettier, smarter or more fit than you.


You know that YOU are the one that men will choose because you’ve got the power of being irresistible to men.

You’re a Man Magnet. 


You lock eyes with a handsome man and smile and he walks over to you.

He can’t help but be drawn to you.


You know that if you want him, he’s yours. (of course I’m talking about single, available men here).


And when you’re out in the world, men open doors for you, compliment you and fall all over themselves to serve you.

Now at this point you might be rolling your eyes saying “Nicole, that’s impossible!”



I don’t have ANY men wanting me right now, let alone lots of them.



I get it, I’ve been there. I used to spend many many long stretches of time in a veritable man drought.



But then, I learned how to be irresistible to men. And that gave me power. (yes, it’s a skill-set and it any woman can learn it)


The power to walk into a room with confidence and draw men to me.


The power to have my pick of men, knowing that I AM THE PRIZE, rather than being in the desperate “please pick me!” energy that I had lived in for so long.

And I want you to know is that this power of being irresistible to men isn’t just available for some women....you know the prettier ones or the younger ones or the smarter ones or the more successful ones.

It’s available for ALL women. (including you).

Here’s why:
Attraction is the domain of the feminine.  That’s how we get what we want. 

And you, my love, have a feminine power that lives within you that you can use to draw to you whatever you want.

Once this power is activated, you’re a magnet and can’t help get what you want, including men. 

That’s the place I live my life from.  And I teach my clients to do the same. 

And today, I want to leave you with the first step to activating that power. 

It’s a thought, really.  Something to consider and let get into your system. 

Take this phrase with you for the whole week.  Repeat it to yourself over and over again and just let the phrase reveal to you what it wants to reveal. 

Here it is:


The reason I want you to do this is because being irresistible to men (becoming a Man Magnet) is the first step to getting and keeping your man. 

Because when you have an inflow of available men wanting you, then you’re in control. 

Then you have your pick. 

And your energy shifts from desperation as in “please pick me!” to confidence as in “I KNOW I am the prize and I get to choose from lots of men who is the best fit for me.”
That’s when you get the GREAT guy, from that energy space. 

So remember, in order to be irresistible to men, you have to be irresistible to you.  Just let that sink in.  

That’s step one.  I’ll reveal more next week.




PS: If you’re in a serious man drought right now,  and can’t even imagine ONE available man wanting you let alone tons, then let’s talk. 

A few simple tweaks in your energy will have you start attracting an inflow of men coming in. 

But I have to talk to you personally to give you the specific tweaks you need (because it’s not the same for every woman).

I’ve opened up space in my calendar this week to talk to 10 women for a Get And Keep Your Man Discovery Call (15 minutes, complimentary call).

You’ll give me some background info on your love life and I’ll give you my specific tweaks for you to start having LOTS of available men wanting you.

Remember that’s the first step to Getting And Keeping Your Man.  You need an inflow of available men so you can be in your power and have your pick.

These calls with me are first-come, first-served and I only have 10 spots, so click here to book time to speak with me now. 

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Why You’re Not Attracting The Right Man

I know you really really want to meet the right man.

But, honestly, wanting it is not enough.

I know what it takes to REALLY attract the right man for you, and I want to share this with you so you can finally attract your match.

Because I know you’re tired of being single, and tired of meeting the wrong men over and over again. 

So, I made a quick audio training today, just for you, to show you the 3 steps you need to Get And Keep Your Mr Right.

There’s a reason why you’re not attracting the right man, and you’ll find out why by listening to this training.

I want you to listen to it today because the holidays are coming up.

And it’s actually the PERFECT time to attract Men because people’s hearts are more open and they want love even more during the holidays.

And, eggnog tastes better when you’re sipping it next to a hot man :)

You can take advantage of this holiday season and set yourself up to meet YOUR Mr. Right.

The first step is to listen to this free training that I made for you.

Don’t wait.  Listen to it today.  Click here to access the training.

Your man is waiting for you!



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Getting Married!

I’ve got some CLIENT WINS I want to share with you. I hope they’re inspiring for you, wherever you’re at in love!

Client Success Story (Doomed in Love To Marrying A Man Who Adores Her):

One of my favorite former clients Bell texted me yesterday to let me know that she is getting married in December! 

Here’s why this is huge:
When Bell first started working with me, she literally thought she was cursed in love.


Every relationship that she had ended right at the 2 year mark. It was a vicious cycle that she couldn’t get out of.


Bell came to me right as her relationship with her man was nearing the 2 year mark.


She was terrified of losing him, she was pushing him away and sabotaging their relationship and she didn’t know how to stop.


They did, in fact, break up, right before she starting working with me, but through our coaching work, she got him back.


Their relationship improved tremendously (because her self-love skyrocketed) and he started telling her that he couldn’t wait until she had his last name….and now that’s happening for her!


Client Success Story(Unavailable Men Magnet to Attracting Men Who Want To Commit):


My client Elizabeth had completely shut her heart down after a traumatic breakup in her early 20s, followed by lots of random encounters with men that left her feeling devalued.
Her unhealed issues with her father were causing her to completely distrust men and feel that she was unworthy of love, commitment and attention from a great guy.


She stayed away from dating to protect herself or she chose men that didn’t treat her right because that felt safer.  Sound familiar?

I coached Elizabeth to heal from the trauma from her Dad and create a new blueprint for love that was what she actually wanted, not what she thought she could get based on how her Dad had treated her growing up.
We also worked on her belief system so she started to feel worthy of a great guy AND believe that he exists, he would want her and not leave, and she could attract him in.


And Elizabeth just met an amazing, marriage-minded guy that has so many qualities that she’s looking for!


It’s too soon to tell if this is her forever guy, but the important thing is that now Elizabeth knows what she deserves and that she can manifest amazing men whenever she wants.  She doesn’t have to settle anymore for crumbs just to get some attention.


Client Success Story(She Got The Love Of Her Life Back):

Another client Rachel, starting working with me because she had pushed away the love of her life and she wanted him back.  
Rachel had gotten very sick last year with an illness that affected her mood and that, combined with old love baggage had caused her to push away her man and they broke up.  But as she healed and the fog lifted, she realized this man was super special and truly loved her.

The problem was that he had started dating someone else as a rebound after they broke up and he didn’t trust her anymore because she had acted pretty terrible to him towards the end.


We started working together and helped Rachel forgive herself, love herself, feel sexy again and clear away the old love baggage and limiting beliefs that had caused her to mistreat her man.


I coached her to start dating again, which helped her remember what a catch she is and to focus ONLY on her desire that they partner up again (not all her fears and doubts).


And, her man came back.  He broke up with the rebound girl and asked her if they can start dating again! 

Here’s why this matters for you:

If these women can completely turn around their love lives and get EXACTLY what they want in love (no matter what happened in the past) so can you.

These women are no different from you.  But they do have some things in common that I believe made the difference for them in creating lasting love.

1) They showed the universe they were TRULY ready for the love they wanted by investing in coaching.  


The bottom line is: if you want a man to commit to you, you have to be committed to yourself and to love first. Wishing your love life will improve isn’t enough.  You’ve gotta put some skin in the game (invest) and make it a priority.


2) They took 100 percent responsibility for their love lives, stopped blaming the men and worked on shifting their own energy. 


The truth is, men are responding to YOUR energy.  If you want your love life to shift you HAVE to shift on the inside first.


I hope you’re inspired after reading this that real love is possible for you no matter what.


I woke up this morning feeling so inspired to give.  After getting that text from Bell, I feel even more fired up to help as many women as possible get the love they deserve. 

So, I opened up five spots this week for a Ready For Love Clarity Session.


It’s a complimentary 15-minute phone call with me to get you clear on exactly how to get the love you want.


You’ll walk away with clarity on what’s really blocking you from lasting love, and my plan to get you there. 

Click here to reserve your spot. 


I have 5 spots open to my entire community.  First come, first served.


If you know you deserve amazing love and you’re tired of struggling,


Click here to reserve your spot. 



P.S. If you feel a tug at your heart to click here to reach out to me and chat, follow it.
Show the universe you’re committed with this one simple step.

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