The 4 Mindset Shifts That Bring You Great Love

My fiancé and I just celebrated our one year anniversary this week
and I was sitting here amazed at just how much can change in one year.

He took me to a super fancy 4-course French Dinner
at the Grand Del Mar here in San Diego…he said “I wanted to take you someplace opulent”
The man knows me! :)

What I thought would be most helpful for YOU 
is for me to share the MINDSET SHIFTS
that I truly believe got me to the place
where I could attract in such an amazing, devoted man
AND keep him and create epic love with him.


One more thing….Mike said to me at dinner 

“Nicole, I will be here for you always.  I will be here for you as long as you want me to.”

And honestly in that moment I thought of YOU, I thought of my community
and how almost every woman that I’ve ever talked to about her love life says she wants the same thing:
safety, security, commitment, someone who she adores and who treats her like a Queen.

I have that, and here’s the mindset shifts that helped me get there:

Mindset Shift #1 I know, deep in my bones, that I am MEANT for great love.  I believe in my love dream, even when I can’t see any physical evidence of it manifesting.  I trust in my love desire ABOVE ALL and I refuse to doubt that it will happen. 

In order to manifest anything on the physical level, you first have to BELIEVE that it’s possible, despite evidence.  So, I practiced amping up my love belief every single day until I got to a place of 100% faith.
I seriously knew that there was NO WAY I would not have great love. And, I kept the faith no matter what.

By the way, for anyone who has experienced a lot of trauma or negative dating experience, this step is CRUCIAL.
The thing is, your past really has no power to determine your love future until you let it. 
I amped up my love belief right after leaving a relationship that had turned abusive.
I didn’t let that relationship destroy me or my faith in my love dreams
I let that pain motivate me and fire me up to build my faith in love even stronger.

Mindset Shift #2 –  I trust that every single dating experience, even the “negative” ones are bringing me to my higher good. I know that every experience is here to make me ready to BE the woman who can receive my high-level man

I figured out a way to make dating not suck.  A way to stop being continually disappointed with my dating experience and how to not get bitter, closed and shut down.
I now call this strategy “dating for growth” and my clients use it to go from being single for 10 years to with their man in 6 months.

The bottom line is, it’s all about perspective. 
You can choose to play the victim and believe that you’re just a sad, sorry case and that love doesn’t work out for you OR you can choose to find the gold, the silver lining and the GIFT in every single dating experience. 

I most definitely faced pain, heartache, loss and rejection from men on the way to my Man BUT I chose to see each experience not as unnecessary pain or a sign that I should quit dating, but as necessary GROWTH that was helping me skill up in dating, heal my triggers and ultimately shape me into the woman I needed to be to receive my man.

Mindset Shift #3 –  I’m an espresso, NOT a caramel latte!

This one was huge for me. What I was previously doing was mistakenly thinking that if someone didn’t like me, that it was because I was somehow deficient, or too much.

For example, if I talked to much about spirituality on a date and then the guy didn’t call me back, I would assume that I had made a mistake in showing that part of me or that maybe that part wasn’t attractive to men.

But then one day I simply said STOP.
And instead of focusing on my perceived flaws or how I wasn’t up to standard for every single person that I met,  I started focusing on what I liked about myself and what I truly valued in myself.

I realized I’m deep, I’m spiritual, I’m intense AND I like those qualities in myself.
I’m not the girl that’s good at small talk or who’s just super bubbly and I probably never will be.

I said out loud I’m an espresso, damnit!!  I’m NOT a caramel latte and that’s totally Ok.

And guess what happened?  When I started to OWN me, I attracted in men who actually loved my qualities.

My man is also spiritual, deep and intense and we get along so well…I would have never found him if I was still trying to play the game of diluting or changing my personality to get every single man to like me. 

Mindset Shift #4 –  I am the prize.  Any man would be lucky to be with me. I am the best catch on the market.

Self-Confidence. It really is the #1 thing men say they want in a woman, yet so many women don’t haven’t.
I know that I didn’t for years.

But I worked on my confidence like it was a full time job, and eventually I got there.

One exercise that I did that really helped, is I wrote a list of 30 reasons why I’m a great catch and I read that every single day until it sank it. 

The bottom line is, by the time I met my Man I TRULY felt like I was the prize. That got me out of desperate, clingy energy so I could lean back, be a Queen and let him show up for me.

Because I was so confident in myself from day 1, he was so confident that I was the best catch and even asked me to be exclusive after 3 dates.

And, I said no! I made him wait a month because I was so confident in myself that I ONLY wanted to be with a man who was truly great for me…luckily he showed me in that month that he was truly a great man, and we’ve been happy together ever since.

I hope that these mindset shifts are helpful for you. 

What I want you to know is that it does get better.

Great love is in your future.

You just have to believe it.
Claim it.
And then take steps every single day to get there.

It can happen in less time than you think.

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I’m SO Glad I Didn’t WAIT to Do This!

This weekend 20 women amazed me. 

They made me prouder than I’ve ever been,
and gave me unshakable faith,
that my programs work.
Unshakable faith that LOVE WORKS.

This weekend 20 women,
from my Get and Keep Your Man Group Coaching Program
attended the program-end retreat here in San Diego.

These 20 women are radically different from one year ago.

Some of them have boyfriends for the first time in 3, 5, even 10 years.
All of them actually love themselves now.
And, every single woman now has 100% belief that amazing live is possible for her.

Every single Get And Keep Your Man woman,
who attended my retreat (20 total)
after one year in the program either:

  • 1) HAS their man
  •  2) Has unshakable faith and belief that he is coming SOON, so much so that some of them are even weirded out by the fact that they’re NOT doubting whether or not their man will come anymore.
  • 3) LOVES HERSELF deeper than she ever has before and GETS her worth, that she is the prize, and that any man would be LUCKY to be with her.

To me, I would say thats a 100% success rate 
because each woman either has her man or is SO VERY CLOSE 
that he is coming soon, and she has the faith to not worry anymore. 

And that’s all with just ONE YEAR of love training. 


That’s how fast things in your love life can shift if you actually CHOOSE
to stop doing it your way, and doing it all on your own,
and you make the SMART DECISION to get support.

I was so inspired by the incredible breakthrough results of my clients, 
that I OPENED UP ENROLLMENT for Get and Keep Your Man 
for just 48 more Hours 
(enrollment closes at 2pm PST on Thursday, May 12)

If you have been thinking about joining Get And Keep Your Man,
but you have some questions,
I’ve opened up just a few spots in my calendar to speak with you this week.

(please ONLY book one if you are seriously considering the program.  This will be a totally
no-pressure call BUT I want to make sure I speak with women who are actually committed to changing their love lives now)
click here to book a quick chat with me now. 

What would you give to have 100% belief that your man is coming,

the self-worth to feel deserving of that love when it arrives,
and the deep trust in yourself that you can create lasting love?

What would you give to be with YOUR man this time next year?

That’s what’s possible for you if you join Get And Keep Your Man Now.

If you don’t have an amazing man in your life,
if you don’t have the commitment that you want,
and if you don’t have 100% belief that your man is coming,
that you are 100% worthy of him,
and that you can create lasting love with him…

why wouldn’t you let someone else help you get there?

Let me help you get there.

PS: So many women came up to me at the retreat and told me 

“I’m SO glad that I didn’t wait to do this.  Thank GOD I did the program THIS year instead of waiting.”

There really is NO Excuse to put your love life on hold.

One woman in the program has a severe, life-threatening illness and she still chose to join Get And Keep Your Man because she realized she DESERVED a man no matter what her health, and she deeply desired a man to take care of her

One woman almost didn’t join the program because she thought she didn’t have the money and now she has HER MAN and it’s the first time she’s been with a decent man since the 10 years after her divorce.

One woman in my last round of GAKYM almost didn’t join because she was completing her P.H.D. at the time and thought she didn’t have time to focus on love.  But she joined anyway and now she has a man that’s EVERYTHING she wrote down on her very specific list, and more.

The difference between you and these women…

The REASON why these women either have their man or are so close to him that he’s coming any day now,
is because they CHOSE to stop putting love on the back-burner and making up excuses as to why they couldn’t get support to make their love dreams happen.

They just made a decision that love is worth it.
Worth anything.
Worth getting out of their comfort zone.
Worth stretching financially to make the investment in the program.
Worth making time for.

Great Love truly is worth more than any time you could ever have. 
Great Love is truly worth more than any money in the bank. 

It’s worth way more than your comfort zone.
It’s worth way more than you staying stuck in fear.
It’s worth way more than you staying “safe” by not opening up your heart again.

I am SO SO SO proud of these 20 women who attended the retreat because they
actually had the GUTS to go for love,
even though most of them were TERRIFIED when they joined Get And Keep Your Man.

You see, almost EVERY single one of these women
got on the phone with me at least once,
to talk about the program.

They attended my webinars.  They listened to my free advice.

They trusted me to help them.

But, some part of them didn’t trust themselves.
They worried that if they did the program, they wouldn’t get results.
They worried that if they did the program, that they wouldn’t be able to afford it.
They worried that if they did the program, they would be the one special case that could never actually truly find love, and it would all be a waste.

But why each of these women is SO AMAZING
and why each woman TRULY DESERVES great love,
is because she didn’t choose fear over love.

She felt the fear of joining Get and Keep Your Man,
and she did it anyway.

Because she wanted LOVE
more than she wanted to stay afraid.

ANd because of that BOLD CHOICE,
each woman, one year later
either has her man
or has unshakable faith that he will be there any day.

And if you ask them, 
they would tell you,
that the INVESTMENT in Get and Keep Your Man
is 100% worth it, 
and thank GOD they didn’t wait. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to be in the same place in your love life
one year from now.

Or, do you want it to be readically different?

Get And Keep Your Man is your invitation
for your love life to be radically different one year from now,
better than you could ever even imagine.

Will you take the risk?
To get over your fear,
get over the doubt

If your answer is YES, then click here to join Get And Keep Your Man now
before 2pm PST on Thursday, May 12th when enrollment is truly closed for the year. 

If you have some questions,
or want to check in with me to see if the program is right for you,
then let’s jump on the phone for a quick chat.

I want to be clear that I ONLY want women in the program
who I love and who are a great fit,
so if you’re not, I really would never pressure you to join
because that wouldn’t be fun for either of us!!

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(Video) Nicole’s Man Shares WHY He’s So Committed To Her

I can tell you all day long
that YOU have all the power with men.

That YOU can make a guy commit, or not.
That YOU can have a man be so devoted to you
that he does everything possible to make you happy, or not.

OR, you could just hear straight from a MAN,
the real truth about what makes a man want to commit to a woman for lif

Here’s a short clip of my fiancé sharing, unprompted
(I didn’t script him ladies!..this is just his REAL feedback)
about WHY he is so committed to me.

I’m not sharing this to brag. 

I’m sharing because you’ll that what he shares are the exact KEYS
you need to make a man want to commit.

It’s all in there, in this short clip.


SO, click here to watch now.
Sometimes when you hear it from a man,
it sinks in deeper.


Then the simple truth is to get what I’ve got, you have to do what I did. 

  • COMMIT 100% to my love life ( no putting love on the back burner)
  • I got out of my comfort zone and was 100% willing to risk it all (risk getting hurt again, risk looking stupid, invest emotionally, financially, time-wise into my love life)
  • Dedicate myself for 1 year to completely unblocking my heart, removing all of my love blocks making dating fun, and meeting better and better men until I met my guy (I ended a relationship that turned abusive and met My fiancé exactly 1 year later)
  • Get support and coaches to make sure that I didn’t give up on my love dream

You can have your own amazing man, who is devoted to you and committed to you.

But, you can’t find him without a solid plan, a supportive community, and a coach and guide to get you there. 

If you’ve been single for 1 year or more, and you want to meet your man, then YOUR plan is not working,
and it’s time to let an Expert help you get there WAY quicker
than if you were to do it alone.


Enrollment for Get And Keep Your Man Closes on SUNDAY.

(then we won’t run the program again until 2017)


  • Get And Keep Your Man is a 12-month program that’s enrolling now and ENROLLMENT ENDS this week.
  • Learn More about Get And Keep Your Man here
  • I teach all the classes unless I have a special guest. Nothing is pre-recorded and each training call is like you being completed plugged in, in a massive way to the LOVE vibration.
  • You get 1 private 30 minute coaching call EACH MONTH with one of my amazing assistant coaches, which means you get personalized attention and feedback.
  • We meet twice in person over the year for amazing 2-Day Love Breakthrough Retreats
  • I share my PROVEN FORMULA for manifesting amazing love and teach you every single thing you could ever need to get and keep lasting love from feminine communication to manifesting high-level men to massive self-love to getting a man to commit.

More questions about Get And Keep Your Man?
Click here to get all of your questions answered. 

You 100% CAN have the man you want.

He’s waiting for you…outside of your comfort zone.


I have SO many women that email me and they tell me they WANT what I have.
They want an amazing, committed, devoted man who is smart, spiritual, handsome, and who wants to get married and have a family.

But, when I give them the opportunity to GET exactly what I have, by letting me show then step-by-step how to get it, they say no.

No because they think they can’t afford the program.

No because they think they don’t have time.

No for a million and one excuses.

And that breaks my heart.

Because I know that they’re not really saying no to me.

They’re saying no to love.
They’re saying no their man.

And what they are choosing is fear instead.
They’re choosing to stay in their comfort zone where they DON’T really want to be,
because they’re so afraid to RISK and invest in their love dreams to make it happen.

You might even be one of those women.
We’ve talked on the phone and you said NO to your love dreams,
because you made up an excuse.

If that’s you and you WANT love,
you want what I have,
but you’re NOT getting support,
you’re NOT risking your heart,
you’re NOT investing in a love coaching program that will teach you step-by-step exactly how to get
what YOU say you want,
then my question to you is WHAT ARE YOU DOING?

Why haven’t you WOKEN UP yet to the fact that Love is the MOST important thing?
That love is worth EVERYTHING.
That great love is worth the risk.
It’s worth investing.
It’s worth taking the time to learn how to do it right.

After all, why are you really here?

Is it to be single for the rest of your life?
OR never with a man you truly want or feel safe with?

OR is is it to have EPIC, amazing, off-the-charts love?

If you want GREAT love,
then  you have to BE great.

Which means you have to be willing to risk.
And, invest in yourself and your love dreams.

Click here if your’e ready to BE GREAT,
and put yourself on the path to lasting love.

You can 100% have the kind of love I have,
BUT you have to LET GO of your way of dating
and let me show you HOW to do it the right way.

I say this with love….WHAT are you doing with your life if your’e not going after LOVE?

It’s the most important thing.
It’s the most important thing.
It’s the most important thing.

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