I Moved To The Beach! (Pics Inside…My New Home)

I’m ecstatic today because I made a dream of mine finally come true…I moved to the beach!!

I made the leap and moved from NYC, which has been my home for 30+ years, to sunny San Diego and I now have a home with a huge porch, where I can see the beach and waves in the distance.

I’m sharing this with you because I truly believe that having a life you LOVE is essential to creating amazing love.

i moved to the beach

When you’re happy, you’re magnetic to your desires. They come easily.

I’ve been manifesting like crazy since I got to California.

3 men asked me out in 1 week, I manifested $20,000 a day after I stated my desire for that specific amount of money to come in, and I found my new home easily and effortlessly.

When you are happy and in love with your life, it’s EASY to manifest anything you want, including more love. 

I wanted to share my joy with you to show you that it’s totally, one hundred percent possible to manifest everything you desire, including love.

Happiness is the key.

San Diego Happiness

The happier you are, the more magnetic you are to love!



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Valentine’s Day Survival Guide

I’m sure you know that Valentine’s Day is coming up and I was thinking about how you could have a GREAT Valentine’s Day  no matter what your relationship status.


(scroll down for awesome f.r.e.e resources to make Valentine’s great)


The truth is, how good you feel on Valentine’s Day has nothing to do with whether or not you have a great man by your side, and everything to do with where you FOCUS.


On Valentine’s Day, you can either focus on LOVE or on LACK (fear).


I invite you to choose to focus on love, because where you put your focus today,and on Valentine’s Day is what’s creating your love future.

Focus on love and you get more love. 


Focus on lack of love and you get more lack of love.


Do this to have a great Valentine’s Day no matter what!


1) Focus on all of the love you already have:

Set a timer to go off every hour on Valentine’s Day that says “I am so loved”.

when the timer goes off, look for evidence of how much you are already loved.


2) Beam love to everyone you see and think about:

You have to open up your heart to send love out, and an open heart is a receptive heart.

Make room for more love to come in on Valentine’s Dayby sending love out.

See a bright light of love shooting out from your heart and warming the heart of everyone you meet.


3) Focus on your love vision.

Use Valentine’s Day as a way to get inspired about love and get fired up to make sure next Valentine’s Day is the best one yet.

Spend 5 minutes in the morning thinking about what you REALLY want in love and feeling how great it would feel to have that be your reality.

Instead of getting sad that it’s not the case yet, get happy about the fact that you are literally closer to the love you want than you’ve ever been. (each day you are one day closer).




If you want to know how to attract the right man for you listen to this:
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If you want to know if you’re REALLY ready for love, take this quiz:
Are You Ready For Love? f.r.e.e. quiz.


If you want to believe in love again, listen to this:
How to Believe In Love Again, Even If You’ve Been Hurt f.r.e.e. audio





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QUIZ – Are you Ready For Love?

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