The Trick To Finding The Love You Want

I know I’m a LOVE coach, but today I want to talk about fear.

Because what I know is that the #1 thing that stops women from creating amazing love is fear.

If you weren’t afraid of having the love that you wanted, you would have it.  You would be a clear energetic match for it.

It really is that simple. 

So take a moment right now and check in.

What do you fear will happen if you actually take a risk and go for the love you desire?

What are you most afraid of right now in your love life?

Whatever comes up in your mind is what’s stopping you from love. 

Picture it this way:
Imagine there’s a cave, and inside the cave is the man and relationship of your dreams. 

But right outside of the cave is a huge, fire-breathing dragon standing in your way.

That dragon?  He represents all of your fears.   

What keeps him alive are the fear-based thoughts about love.  

Every time you fear that you’re unworthy of love, that you’ll just get hurt again, that no man will love the real you,  that you’re too old, that you’re just meant to be single, etc, that dragon gets bigger and bigger and seems scarier and scarier. 

The thing about the dragon though, is that he’s not real.   

Your fears about love ARE NOT real.   

Only love is real.

Your DESIRE for amazing love is real.  Your fear is not.
The way to get past that dragon and into the cave where your man is, is to realize that your fears about love are not real, and to focus on your DESIRE. 

To be more committed to reaching your desire than you are to staying stuck in your fear. 

Do this now:
Take a moment right now and focus on your LOVE DESIRE. 


What do you want MOST in your love life right now?  What result in your love life would feel like a dream come true?

WHY do you want it? 

Don’t stop until you can FEEL in your body what your version of amazing love would feel like. 

And I want you to notice something. 

When you’re focused on your DESIRE, it feels GOOD. You don’t actually feel the fear.  The fear disappears because it’s not real.

And that’s the trick to creating the love that you want.

The more you can focus on your desire, rather than your fear, the quicker your desire will come to you.


We get what we focus on.


So, if your love desire hasn’t manifested yet, you want to look at your thoughts and where they’ve been focused.

Have you been letting your fears around love be bigger than your desire and prevent you from moving forward?


The truth is, even though your fears feel as scary as a fire-breathing dragon, they’re just not real.  Only love is.

And the only thing scarier than facing the dragon and going for the love you want, is never having it at all.

You’re braver than that.

And that awesome man in the cave?

He’s waiting for you.



PS: Sometimes when there’s a fire-breathing dragon standing in between you and love, it helps to have a fairy godmother by your side.   That’s where I come in. 

The reason my clients find the men of their dreams is because I teach them how to feel CONFIDENT in love.

I teach them how to focus on their love desire until it manifests and to not give into their doubts or go into crazy-town when their fears around dating come up.

If you are READY for love and to claim your Man, I want to speak with you.

I’ve opened up my calendar just this week and have 5 spaces openfor a Ready For Love Discovery Call.

You and I will spend 15 minutes on the phone and I’ll break down your specific plan to create the love that you want. 

(there’s a limited number of spots so please only sign up if you are truly ready for love now)

Here’s what happens when you focus on your love desire more than your fear:
My client Jessica was willing to face her fear of being vulnerable and showing her authentic self on dates.  This fear was so big it had kept her single and not able to get past 1 date with a man for 2 years.

But, with my help, she faced her fire-breathing dragon and entered the cave.  And inside was a great man who chose her. 

My client Elisabeth was terrified to be feminine with men because she had been masculine for so long and feared that if she didn’t control, she wouldn’t get the man she wanted.

But she faced her dragon, embraced her feminine and found an amazing man.

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There’s Still Hope to Fall in Love

I want to share something with you this morning.

There really is hope to still fall in love no matter what your love pattern has been that has kept you from true love in the past. 

One of my clients was suffering through the everlasting pattern of not being able to get past 1 date with a man.

This had been going on for 2 years!  Can you imagine?  Maybe that’s you right now.

The thing is, my client is a BEAUTIFUL, intelligent, capable, amazing woman.

And still, no man wanted to date her.

She’s in her mid 30s and wanted marriage and a baby so as you can imagine, this pattern was devastating.   She was starting to give up hope that the right man was out there for her.

Well, she decided to work with me privately,  and we discovered that she was unknowingly putting off some really funky energy on dates that was having guys run the other way. 

It didn’t really matter that my client is gorgeous…..men could feel insecurity, neediness and fear in her energy field, and that was repelling them.

We worked on this together and I gave her some simple tweaks so she could show up with attractive, sexy confident energy on dates. 

And things shifted.  Guys started asking her out on more than 1 date.

She stopped projecting a desperate  ”please pick me!” “please validate me!” needy energy and instead she felt like SHE was the prize and that a man would be lucky to date her. 

And, I’m thrilled to tell you that she met a guy she REALLY likes, and he asked her to be exclusive!

And guess what? He’s 40, never married, no children (they do exist), just a great guy who was waiting for that one special woman.  And, he chose her.

Here’s why I’m telling you this:  my client had almost given up on her love dream even though it’s the one thing she wants most.

But there wasn’t anything wrong with her and she wasn’t doomed in love, just like there’s nothing wrong with you.

She just needed to learn how to tweak her energy to show up as a confident woman that a man wants to choose.

If it’s possible for her, it’s possible for you too. 

It’s not that there are no great men out there.  And it’s not too late for you.

Often, it comes down to the fact that the way you are presenting yourself with men just isn’t working or connecting you with the right men. 

And, that can be shifted.  I can help you with that so you can find true love too.

I’m happy to spend 15 minutes with you to hear your love story and set you off on the right place.  

I’ll help you pinpoint the specific tweaks you need to make in your energy to attract the right man.

Book time with me in my calendar now and let’s shift things for you so you can attract a great guy too.

It’s never to late to fall in love.

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Put Yourself in the Love Game

I just spent the past 3 days at an amazing event with 100 incredible women from across the globe who are committed to taking their businesses and lives higher.

And there’s ONE thing that I got, that has changed me forever.  I want to share it with you.

It was when my mentor, Gina DeVee, the host of the event said, “You HAVE to put yourself in the game.”

Here’s what I got from that:
You have to want your dream more than you want your fears about it. 

You have to stop wishing for what you want and take ACTION to get it, even if you’re scared.

The truth is, you can have what you want as quick as you are willing to drop your excuses as to why you can’t have it.

And, the sad truth about LOVE is that most people aren’t willing to do what it takes to have REAL love.  

Most people aren’t willing to put themselves in the game of love.

Imagine a stadium.  You’re sitting in the stands watching the players on the court. (they have real love)

All those other people in the stands with you?  They’re your excuses. 

Your fears, limiting beliefs and very logical sounding reasons why you can’t have the love that you want.

But, you can’t get the love you want by sitting in the stands.  

You have to put yourself in the game.  You have to get on the court and RISK your heart.

And yes, it IS scary.  You could get hurt. You might “lose”  All of those things you fear could happen if you go for love (rejection, abandonment, loss) might happen. 

It seems safer to stay in the stands.  

But the scariest thing of all is never going for it, because by doing that YOU are the one keeping yourself from the love that you really want. 

The only way you can really lose is by not playing the game at all. 

If you put yourself in the game and keep playing, and keep improving your skills (love is a skill), eventually you’ll win the game and reach your goal. 

We all want to think that love is easy.  But the truth is, REAL love requires a whole lot, and most people would rather sit in the stands and watch other people go for it, than have it. 

Love requires you get over yourself. 

Love requires you face your fears. 

Love requires you to give up your image and be vulnerable. 

The truth about love is that you have to CLAIM IT.  And you claim it, by getting out of the stands and getting into the game. 

Most people make the mistake of thinking that once they’re not afraid, THEN they will go for it.  Once they feel safe and sure they wont get hurt, THEN they will take action.

But it doesn’t work that way.  You have to risk to get the reward.

And the reward is sweet. 

True Connection.  Intimacy.  Having a partner by your side that loves and adores the REAL you. 

It’s what we’re here for.

This is your one precious life.  If you don’t have the amazing love you want, what are you waiting for?

Why spend one more day without an incredible man by your side?

Why spend one more day not feeling the immense amount of love that is actually your birthright?

Here’s the truth: Those women that have the amazing relationships with amazing men.  They’re not prettier, smarter, sexier or better than you. 

They just decided to put themselves in the game.

They just decided that they would rather have love than have their reasons why not.

If you don’t have REAL love yet, it’s TIME to put yourself in the game. 

Here is your opportunity to do that: 
If you’re a woman who is tired of wishing for love and who is ready to put yourself in the game of love and get your goal, then book some time to speak with me privately to see if working together is the right fit.

I am currently working with clients privately, either in an Intensive 1 Day Private Love Coaching basis or in a 6 month private love coaching capacity.

Reply to this email and we can start the process.

REAL LOVE is worth it. And it’s what you’re here for.  If you don’t have it yet, it’s time for you to CLAIM IT for yourself.

With love,


PS: You know what helps you “win” the game of love?  A Love Coach.

With a Love Coach guiding you, you get to your goal quicker because I teach you the skills you need to master the game of love and win.  When you want to quit, when your fears come up, I am by your side holding your love vision and gently guiding you there with love.

With a Love Coach mentoring you, you can’t not reach your love goal.  Smart women who get in the game of love get the right support to ensure that they win.

If you are interested in being one of those women who has REAL love, and you’re willing to drop your excuses and get there, reply to this email and we’ll schedule a time to talk and see if working with me is the right fit for you.

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