Try This Tapping Trick For More Love

Have you heard of EFT tapping? 

It’s an emotional-release technique that allows you to clear 
away blocks in a super easy way using meridian points on the body. 

For me, EFT tapping is a form of self-love, 
because it causes you to focus inward and give yourself 
some loving, healing attention. 

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I made this quick tapping video for the women in my

Get And Keep Your Man Program, and I wanted to share it with you, 
because so many of them said it was super helpful.


For those of you who are in relationships that aren’t working, but you’re scared to leave,
Amy’s story will inspire you. 

Amy is a Love Works Elite Private Coaching Client and through coaching with me, she found her inner strength to leave a long-term relationship that wasn’t serving her, even though she was terrified.

In a few months Amy went from not being sure another man would want her to feeling like a total Man Magnet and having lots of men wanting her, sending her chocolates and gifts, and most importantly feeling like SHE is the prize and that she can choose the best man for her rather than settling. 

Amy is truly an example of a woman who had the courage to go for her BEST life and love rather than stay “safe” in her comfort zone of being with a man that was good, but not GREAT.

If you’re stuck in love right now and unsure if other men will want you, I promise you they will.
When you feel like the prize on the inside, you become a MAGNET for great men just like Amy did. 

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This Is How A Guy Should Treat You

Imagine meeting a guy that’s EXACTLY 
what you you wrote down on your ideal man list. 

Imagine meeting a man who absolutely adores you, 
who feels so lucky that he gets to be with you. 

Who lets you know that he wants YOU, that he’s set on you, 
and that he sees you as his future wife. 

Imagine meeting a man who is there for you, without question. 
Who loves you as you are (emotions and all). 

Imagine meeting a man who is handsome, successful and who
you have so much fun with, who feels like your best friend WITH passion.

This isn’t a fairy tale.

It happened for my client Elizabeth. 
(click here to watch a video about her story)

And let me tell you, amazing love like this wasn’t originally
“in the cards” for Elizabeth.  
She didn’t grow up set up for this kind of love. 

Her father left when she was really young,
and she had experienced devastating heartbreak with men, 
so bad that she was terrified of opening up to love again. 

I want you to watch this video.

because it will show you exactly what’s possible for you in love, 
even if you’ve lost hope.

(click the image to watch the video now)
(and if you want to hear from a GOOD man, what made him choose
Elizabeth, fast forward to 13 minutes in to the video)

If Elizabeth could go from terrified of being hurt again in love,
dating unavailable men and then shutting guys off completely when it hurt too bad,
to meeting an amazing guy and creating awesome love with him, so can you.

You’ll see in the video that she didn’t think this kind of love
was possible for her at first, but she got it
(and in less than 6 months of working with me….that’s how fast
things can shift for you).

AND, Elizabeth’s Man Travis talks at the end of the interview
about how much he adores her, so you can hear straight from
a quality man’s mouth what it’s like to be with a woman who loves herself.

Elizabeth did the work to get herself ready to RECEIVE this kind of man.
He didn’t just drop into her lap.

But, once she was ready, he appeared and because she now fully loves herself,
she’s able to keep the relationship and he absolutely adores her.

This kind of love ins’t just possible for Elizabeth, it’s possible for you too.

And that’s what you deserve.
To feel cherished and adored every single day
by an amazing man.


PS:  Elizabeth got a top 10% Man….meaning her man is really the cream of the crop.
She didn’t have to settle for someone who didn’t treat her right.
She got exactly what she wanted in a man and he treats her like a Queen.

Getting and Keeping a Top 10% Man (a man who really is GREAT in all areas) and who you don’t have to settle with is possible for you too.

To get a top 10% Man, you have to become the woman who is ready to RECEIVE that kind of man.  That’s what Elizabeth did in our work together.  She did the work to get herself ready and he appeared.

If you want a top 10% Man too, you can get him, and very soon I’ll be sharing more information about an Elite Love Mastermind I’ve created for just 6 women who are READY to get that top 10% Man now.

Stay tuned…

Curious?  Click here and we’ll talk about how you too can get a top 10% Man. (serious inquiries only please…this is a special opportunity for the woman who is REALLY ready to get her amazing man now).

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Get Your Nails Done!…It Matters


Look down at your nails right now.


Are they done? Manicured? Looking good?


Or, could they use some work?


This past month, I’ve realized even more just how important a seemingly little detail, like having your nails done, can make a difference in attracting and keeping men. 


You might be rolling your eyes right now, but hear me out on this.


Men are visual creatures, and like it or not,we ALL make snap judgments about people based on their appearance.

When a man sees you for the first time, his brain is quickly deciding, based on what he sees and experiences from you, whether or not he’d like to ask you out, and if you would be a match for him.


And, be honest, you do the same thing to men.


It’s not bad…it’s instinct.


I’ve had 3 different men this past month tell me that they notice if a woman has her toes and nails done.


A cute waiter asked me out at dinner last week and he told me that the three things he noticed about me at first were my skin, hair AND nails. (in fact, he later told me that he mentioned to his coworker that my nails looked really nice!)


Now, manicures might not be your thing, and that’s OK.


The point is what manicured nails represent.


What it comes down to is that a man is attracted to a woman who takes care of herself.


Men value women who value themselves. 


They know that “as within, so without” is true.


If you take care of yourself on the outside, it’s a good indicator that you take care of yourself on the inside (self-love).


It’s not about looking good for a man.


It’s about looking good for YOU. 


When you feel good about yourself, and proud of your physical appearance, you radiate confidence, which is the #1 thing men want in a woman.


So, take a moment right now to consider what could you do THIS week, to feel even better about how you look.


Maybe it’s a manicure and pedicure.  Maybe it’s a new lipstick.


Maybe it’s looking in the mirror and telling yourself you are beautiful.


Do it for YOU because you deserve to feel amazing and beautiful.


And, you just might find that a nice side effect is getting asked out by lots of men.


That’s been my experience…so it can be yours too!




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