Get Your Nails Done!…It Matters


Look down at your nails right now.


Are they done? Manicured? Looking good?


Or, could they use some work?


This past month, I’ve realized even more just how important a seemingly little detail, like having your nails done, can make a difference in attracting and keeping men. 


You might be rolling your eyes right now, but hear me out on this.


Men are visual creatures, and like it or not,we ALL make snap judgments about people based on their appearance.

When a man sees you for the first time, his brain is quickly deciding, based on what he sees and experiences from you, whether or not he’d like to ask you out, and if you would be a match for him.


And, be honest, you do the same thing to men.


It’s not bad…it’s instinct.


I’ve had 3 different men this past month tell me that they notice if a woman has her toes and nails done.


A cute waiter asked me out at dinner last week and he told me that the three things he noticed about me at first were my skin, hair AND nails. (in fact, he later told me that he mentioned to his coworker that my nails looked really nice!)


Now, manicures might not be your thing, and that’s OK.


The point is what manicured nails represent.


What it comes down to is that a man is attracted to a woman who takes care of herself.


Men value women who value themselves. 


They know that “as within, so without” is true.


If you take care of yourself on the outside, it’s a good indicator that you take care of yourself on the inside (self-love).


It’s not about looking good for a man.


It’s about looking good for YOU. 


When you feel good about yourself, and proud of your physical appearance, you radiate confidence, which is the #1 thing men want in a woman.


So, take a moment right now to consider what could you do THIS week, to feel even better about how you look.


Maybe it’s a manicure and pedicure.  Maybe it’s a new lipstick.


Maybe it’s looking in the mirror and telling yourself you are beautiful.


Do it for YOU because you deserve to feel amazing and beautiful.


And, you just might find that a nice side effect is getting asked out by lots of men.


That’s been my experience…so it can be yours too!




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How to Manifest What You Want From Men

It seems like these days I can manifest whatever I want from men.

Meaning I just have to think about what I want from a man and it happens almost instantly.

Today, I have the power because I can literally create whatever I want…it’s SO cool!
It wasn’t always this easy for me though.
I used to feel completely powerless with men and it felt next to impossible to get what I wanted from them.
It wasn’t easy and it wasn’t fun.
I did the single for years thing, convinced that men just didn’t ask me out.  (it didn’t matter that I was beautiful, I was still passed over)
I attracted men who were unavailable or just wanted hookups.
I attracted men who didn’t value me or treat me well.
It was frustrating, sad, lonely and disappointing. 
So, I’ve been there.  I get it.

And I’m here to tell that that if I could turn it all around and get to a place of complete power with men,

where I manifest amazing, super-high quality men into my life and amazing experiences, so can YOU.

I’m no different from you.
I just figured out how to connect to my feminine power and manifest what I want.
I teach my private love coaching clients how to do the same thing and they go from attracting no men, or men who won’t commit
to attracting in the right man for them, the one who treats them really well.

Here’s what you need to do to start manifesting
what you want from men:

1) Appreciate Every Man That’s In Front Of You
I see women criticize men all the time and what they don’t realize is that it’s actually causing them to attract what they don’t want over and over again.
Check your attitude. When online dating or out in the world, is your attitude towards any man who isn’t what you want “ugh”? Do you criticize men’s profiles, trash-talk men with your girlfriends or think all men just want sex?

To get HIGH QUALITY men coming into your life, you MUST find something to appreciate about EVERY man that comes into your space, even if he isn’t the one.

The reason is that good men can tell when a woman has negative charge against men and they are repelled by her.

And they LOVE a woman who loves men and are drawn to her.
2) Be In a Happy, High-Vibration State. 
This is so critical to manifesting men.  Love is a super high-vibration energy. WAY higher than BLAH energy, depressed energy, or bored energy.
If you spend the majority of your time in BLAH energy, you can’t manifest positive experiences with men.  

The good ones only come when you’re happy.

So focus on being happy FIRST.
Wake up with the intention of maximizing your day for happiness.
Don’t leave the house if you aren’t happy first.
3) Trust In the Power of Your Desire.
I always say that a desire is like a boomerang.  If you throw it out there (and don’t interfere with it), it WILL come back to you.

The reason that I manifest exactly what I want from men is because I trust 100 percent in the power of my desires.

Meaning I KNOW for sure that if I have the desire then it’s meant to manifest.
My absolute faith and certainty (BELIEF) that what I desire is coming to me creates that in my outer reality because whatever we truly believe is what comes true for us.
So, check in with your beliefs around manifesting what you want from men.  Do you TRULY believe it’s possible?  Or do you doubt?
Doubt causes what you want to NOT happen, so you must kick out the doubt and get to a place of TOTAL belief.
Start small.
Think of one small experience you’d like to have with a man,and put your FULL faith and certainty behind that belief.

Then allow it to happen and never doubt.
I promise you, it WILL manifest.
And then you’ll start to trust your manifesting abilities.
Ladies, this stuff really works. 


When you start to connect to your true power, you get to experience the kind of amazing things I do on a daily basis like:


  • I state my desire for a man to take me on a caribbean beach vacation and 2 weeks later a man has asked me to go on a trip with him and is planning the whole thing


  • I write down in my desire book that I want a man to bring me chocolates,and I go on a date, get in the car and my date says “look in the glove compartment” and there’s chocolates in there with a bow!


  • A very attractive man friends me on Facebook but lives far away from me (making it SEEM improbably that he would ever message me). I think “hmmm, I really desire to get a Facebook message from him and an invitation to lunch.”

I wait, I hold the desire, and boom…one day I see a message from him in my inbox, just like I expected :)
This is POWER.
The power to get what you want from men.
The power to say I want THAT man, or THAT kind of man, and to draw it to you.
I promise you that dating is SO much fun when you know how to get what you want from men!
Reply here and let me know what’s the #1 thing you want to manifest from men right now.
Sharing a desire makes it stronger and more likely to manifest.  I’d love to hold that space for you.


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I Moved To The Beach! (Pics Inside…My New Home)

I’m ecstatic today because I made a dream of mine finally come true…I moved to the beach!!

I made the leap and moved from NYC, which has been my home for 30+ years, to sunny San Diego and I now have a home with a huge porch, where I can see the beach and waves in the distance.

I’m sharing this with you because I truly believe that having a life you LOVE is essential to creating amazing love.

i moved to the beach

When you’re happy, you’re magnetic to your desires. They come easily.

I’ve been manifesting like crazy since I got to California.

3 men asked me out in 1 week, I manifested $20,000 a day after I stated my desire for that specific amount of money to come in, and I found my new home easily and effortlessly.

When you are happy and in love with your life, it’s EASY to manifest anything you want, including more love. 

I wanted to share my joy with you to show you that it’s totally, one hundred percent possible to manifest everything you desire, including love.

Happiness is the key.

San Diego Happiness

The happier you are, the more magnetic you are to love!



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