This Is Why Men Won’t Commit To You (Part 1)

WARNING:  You might not like what I have to say in this email.

But, if you’ve been attracting men who don’t want to commit, read on, because I’m going to share with you the real, raw truth, about why you do that.

If you’re attracting men who won’t commit, it’s because you’re not fully committed to love.

“But Nicole…” I can hear you saying
“I am committed”
“I’m reading your emails every week”
“I sign up for video summits on love and read books about love”
“I’ve been “working” on my love life for a long time now”

I know you have.

And, I also know that if you’re not attracting committed men,then the one and only reason is because of YOU. 
(I told you that that this email might piss you off….if it is then that’s good! it means that something in here is ringing true for you)

So here’s the thing about men that you need to understand, to know why they aren’t committing to you.

You want a man to commit to spending the REST OF HIS LIFE with you. (or at least a really long time)

Think about that for a moment….that’s a really big deal right?

In order to make such a big commitment like that, a man has to feel safe in his choice in you.

He needs to trust that YOU are a safe bet.

So, If men aren’t committing to you, then how you’re showing up in dating is making men NOT feel safe to CHOOSE you.

Which means, you haven’t fully committed to love yet.
You’re still “playing around” in dating rather than doing it in the RIGHT way that gets you the result you want (commitment from an amazing man).

Here’s what makes men NOT want to commit to you

  •  when you’re in emotional drama all the time, needy or controlling
  •  when you’re constantly freaking out about if you’re good enough for him and if he really likes you
  •  when you aren’t willing to feel your emotions and actually be present and instead, are constantly in your head 
  •  when you operate from insecure little girl mode in relationships instead of powerful woman mode
  •  when you lose yourself in love and stop taking care of yourself as soon as you find a guy you really like
  • when you don’t fully love yourself and look to him for validation 

If you’re doing any of the above things, what you are communicating to men, on an energetic level, is that you aren’t a safe choice.

Because, my dear, you’re not safe in yourself yet. 

Just trust me on this because finding a committed man used to be a BIG problem for me too.

But today, I have an incredibly committed man who is deep, spiritual and willing to stay even in tough moments.

I have this kind of man because I FULLY committed to love.

I stopped playing around and fooling myself, and I put my time, money, attention and resources where my mouth was. 

And, my commitment was deep.
I’ve spend the past 10 years doing intensive spiritual work.
And invested more than $150,000 into my own personal development.

I’ve been studying love, every single day straight, for the past 6 years. 

Now, I am a Love Coach, so you don’t have to go as deep as I did to get the result you want, a committed man.

But you DO have to fully commit.

Everything else is just wasting your time. 
And pushing meeting your man farther out into the future.

So, are you you ready to stop playing around in love, struggling and dating men who won’t commit?

And are you ready to actually BE the woman who can have the man that she wants commit easily?

Then here’s what you need to do now.

  • Commit to love, by getting the RIGHT training, to make sure you get your result. (there’s an opportunity to do that with me, starting in March)
  • Dedicate every single day from this point forward to Self-Love,  so you’re ready when your man comes, and not looking to him to validate you.
  • Practice being fully present daily and start really feeling your emotions and not numbing out or being so busy that you distract yourself.
  • Heal your inner little girl wound, so you can show up fully as a powerful woman worthy of commitment.

Does that sound like a lot?

If so, don’t freak out.

It can actually be easier than you think when you have the RIGHT training and plan. 

It took me 10 years of personal development, $150,000 of investing in myself, and 6 years of studying love every single day to get here.

But the good news is, I teach EVERYTHING that I’ve learned along the way to my clients in just 1 year,

so they can take the short route to getting there, rather than struggling trying to do it on their own.

When you commit to getting the right training in love, that’s when things REALLY change.

When you commit to self-love, truly, and really FEEL worthy in every cell of your being, that’s when you get that amazing man who wants to commit.

Remember, if you’ve been attracting men who won’t commit for years, it doesn’t have to take that long to break that pattern and attract in an amazing man.

But, you do have to commit.

I hope you’ll do that today.

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8 Steps To Attract A High-Quality Man (No Settling)

If you’re reading this then its very possible that you’ve been single and NOT enjoying it for a very long time.

You’re having a hard time finding quality men.

And an even harder time finding a great man that actually wants to commit to you.

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The 8 Steps to Attract In a High-Quality Man who wants to commit to you.

I know that if you’ve been single for a long time, then you don’t have time to waste. 

Maybe you want to have children and you’re starting to notice your age creeping up.

Or you’re tired of working, traveling and leading an otherwise awesome life on your own.

Or, you’re just plain done with being single.

Click here to register for the 8 Steps Webinar so you can save time by learning exactly how to attract in the RIGHT man for you AND have him commit.

You’ll be on the path to feeling:

  • safe
  • secure
  • loved
  • adored
  • chosen

What woman doesn’t want that?

With the 8 steps, it’s possible for you.

BUT, if you’re missing even just ONE of these steps, you may miss out on love.

I’ll be sharing it all, the 8 steps and what it TRULY takes to manifest amazing on Wednesday.

Join me here. 

I can’t wait to see you on the webinar!!

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This Will RUIN Your Love Life If You Don’t Stop It Now

Below is the tale of a sneaky little Monster, that can ruin your love life and create a very sad love story, if you don’t stop it.

It was my story….and if you’re in my community, there’s a good chance it’s your story too.

Here’s how it starts: 
You’re feeling really good about yourself and your life.
You have awesome friends, you’re doing great in your career or at least excited about it.

Then…you meet a guy who you’re actually excited about.
And, he likes you too!!

You almost can’t believe it.
This is the kind of guy you’ve been looking for and he’s finally HERE. 

Everything is going great and he’s continuing to ask you out, and maybe he even asks you to be exclusive.

But THEN, after a few dates, a few weeks, or a few months, all hell breaks loose.

Because…you’ve become ATTACHED.

And the second you become attached, your power goes out the window.

The fear of loss comes in.  And it feels REALLY BIG and scary.

And when the fear of loss comes in, something else comes in too….
Your inner wounded little girl. 

SHE’s the sneaky little monster that you have to watch out for.

She stays hidden in the dark when you’re single, 
but the second you actually get close to a guy, she comes out in full force.

And then, almost overnight, you go from being a powerful, composed, badass woman to a freaked out, insecure little girl.

All of a sudden, HIS opinion and validation matters more to you than anything else in life. 

This guy, who wasn’t even in your life 1 week, 4 weeks, 6 months or however long ago, suddenly has ALL the power.
And he has it because you gave it to him. 

Or rather, your little girl did.

THIS is what’s stopping smart, successful, beautiful women like you from getting and KEEPING love.

You may attract love in, but somehow it always seems to go wrong.
The guy who was so obsessed with you in the beginning starts to pull away.
He’s not as adoring as before and he becomes distant.

Which makes you cling to him further, desperately trying to get him to see that you are worthy, so he’ll choose you.

The more you cling, the more he pulls away until eventually you lose him.
And then you start to wonder “maybe there’s just something wrong with me.”

There’s not.
The only “problem” for you in love is this:
When you get attached, your inner little girl comes in to ruin the show.

If you’re still reading this then you probably know, deep down, that THIS has always been your problem in love, and it’s the reason why you’re still single.

And I hope you know, dear friend, that I can so relate, because my inner little girl going haywire was the thing that kept me single or losing guys who at first seemed so into me.

For me, it was so bad that as soon as I really liked a guy, I couldn’t concentrate on anything else.
I couldn’t even sleep at night if a guy I liked didn’t text or call me back.

So I get it.
I get the problem.
And, I also know the solution.

You see, I learned how to stop showing up in my love life as the little girl and start showing up in my love life as an EMPOWERED Woman, who didn’t lose her power or lose herself in love.

I learned how to STAY confident, all the way through dating, not just at the beginning, so high-quality men not only wanted me at the beginning, but they also wanted to commit.

If I had to single out ONE thing, one skill, that’s the reason why today I have an incredible relationship with an amazing, committed man, it’s this:

I developed the emotional maturity and true confidence within myself to stop needing validation from men on the outside, and stop letting my inner little girl run the show, so I could show up TRULY as the Awesome woman that I am with men.

If it’s possible for me to shift and create amazing love,  then it’s 100% possible for you.

Your love life doesn’t have to be a sad tale of a scared little monster pushing men away and keeping you single.

And here’s the truth: 
your inner little girl isn’t a true monster.

She’s not trying to purposely ruin your love life.
She’s just scared.  She doesn’t know what to do.

And, she’s a child.  She doesn’t know HOW to create happy, healthy ADULT love.

No one ever taught her how to love in the right way.

She’s not supposed to be in charge of your love life.

You are. 

I want to show you how to take charge of your love life.

I know that you’re meant for amazing love with a truly high-quality man.

Something in you knows it too. 

And, I also know that right now, you don’t know how to get there, or else you would have already. 

Because you are successful, intelligent, beautiful, amazing. 

You’re that way in every other area of your life…except love. 

If you’re ready for your love life to be just as amazing as the other areas of your life. 

And you’re ready to learn HOW to show up at the Empowered Woman in your love life, so you can not only attract in a great guy but also KEEP him, let’s talk. 

I’m so committed to helping amazing women like you move past the little girl stage, and create awesome love, that I’ve opened up space in my calendar to speak with 10 women about their love lives. 

We’ll get on the phone to discuss strategies for you to move out of little girl mode and into the space of powerful woman in your love life, so you can attract the right man, and, if it makes sense, we’ll talk about how coaching with me can get you there WAY quicker.

Click here to book a complimentary 20-minute Own Your Power With Men Call with me now.

Please Note: I ONLY have room in my calendar to speak to 10 women. 

So please only book a call with me if:

  • you are truly serious and committed to improving your love life now and ready and willing to do whatever it takes
  • you’re stable and successful in your life (you don’t desperately need a guy to make your life Ok…it’s awesome already AND you know a man would make it even better)
  • you are willing to take personal responsibility for your love life and you know that the power to shift your love life lies in shifting what’s inside of you

I want you to know that my love life was once a very sad tale.

And, today, I have a love life that most women would dream of.

If I could do it, you can too.

Let me show you how.

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