Dealbreaker, Nonegotiable OR Too Picky?

If you’re looking for love, it’s very likely
that you’ve already made your list of what you want in your man.

But, how do you know which things on your list are real non-negotiables
and which things are you being “too picky”?.

In today’s Flirty Friday video I share an easy way to determine
which qualities are MUST-HAVES and which are nice-to-haves.
flirty f march 17

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How to Stop Being Disappointed in Love

You opened your heart up to a man and got hurt.

You finally decided you are ready to date again,
met an amazing new man,
only to have him pull away.

You thought you met your soulmate and he ended up not being the one.


disappointed AGAIN.

I hear from women almost every single week who say Nicole,
I am so disappointed in love and I almost don’t even want to try again.

I get it.

And, what I know to be true without a doubt
is that great love comes to the women
who can powerfully move past disappointment and believe in love again.

In today’s Flirty Friday Video I share
how to get over disappointment in your love life
and attract the love you want.

ff march10

CLICK HERE to watch the video now.


PS: I myself have been through BIG disappointments in my love life
including this one, but I kept going.

I chose NOT to be a woman who got bitter, jaded or let disappointment take me down.

Epic love takes real work.
It’s not for the faint of heart.

And, it’s worth it.

If you choose to open up to love again,
and do the work to meet your man,
I promise you that you’ll be so glad that you didn’t let the temporary feeling of disappointment stop you.

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Cursed, Stuck in Love or Karmic Ties? How to Shift NOW

Today I am answering a viewer question on being cursed in love!

Have you ever felt like you are working and working on your love life
and nothing shifts.

So much so that you start to wonder if you’re energetically blocked
or cursed or maybe it’s even from a past life?

In today’s Flirty Friday video, I explain how to break free
from any idea of being stuck or cursed or blocked
and open up to love.


CLICK HERE to watch the video now.


PS: My former client Bell started working with me because she truly believed
she was cursed in love.

Every 2 years she would have a breakup and when she first spoke with me
she was coming up on 2 years with her man, pushing him away and scared the “curse”
was happening again.

She wanted to work with me and took a second job to do so
(but hat to wait 2 months to be ready).
In that time, her man broke up with her.
So, when she came back ready to work with me on love, we had our work cut out for us.

I coached her to own her feminine power,
rock her confidence and really shift into a fierce love mindset.
(The Attraction Factor Formula that I share in THIS webinar)

AND, her man came back! 
He noticed how amazing her energy was and couldn’t stay away.

AND, he proposed!  They are now happily married and Bell no longer believes she is cursed.

So, don’t believe that you are cursed or stuck permanently in love because you’re not!!

With the right tools, you can totally transform everything and get keep the right man for you.


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