How to Never Feel Rejected Again When Dating


I don’t know many feelings that sting worse than that one.

And, so many women (and men)
end up dating, opening up their heart and then ultimately feeling rejected
when the person they want seems to not want them back.

Rejection sucks and I never want you to feel that way again.

And, in today’s Flirty Friday video,
I share a new way to think about rejection
that will allow you to let that feeling go AND also stop worrying
about letting guys down who you actually don’t want to date anymore.

april 24



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How to Lean Back and Let Men Pursue You (this is how it should be)


You are worthy and deserving of love
right now
as you are.

You don’t have to change anything inherent
to who you are

in order to “win” love or make a man want you.

Attracting men isn’t about looking perfect,
being perfect
or doing and saying all the right things.

Those are just tactics.

The secret to getting men to pursue you
is to be able to lean back in your amazingness
while also demonstrating to them exactly why
you are such a great catch.

(so they want to date you)
As a Love Coach, I don’t believe in teaching women tactics
designed to change who you are to “catch a man”.
(that kind of stuff feels icky to me becasue it’s not based in love)

I believe in showing you how to own your power,
love who you are,
and draw in the right man for you.


It’s not about doing the right things.
It’s about getting into the right state of BEING,
that is super attractive to your ideal man.

And, there are simple shifts that you can make right now
to amplify how attractive you ALREADY ARE 

to stand out to amazing men and make them want to ask you out.

3 Key Shifts, Specifically,
that I would LOVE to teach you
so you can attract in more and better men
(and attract the one).

On Thursday, April 13th, I’m hosting a webinar on
my 3-step Formula to Attract High-Quality Men with Ease.

On this webinar you will learn:

  • how to get into the right energy to attract the right men in and repel the wrong ones
  • how to amplify your own attractiveness (without having to change who you are)
  • the #1 magic ingredient to manifesting in your ideal man

This webinar will show you once and for all
that attracting in great men
is something you absolutely CAN do
AND that you don’t have to change who you are to do it.

CLICK HERE to grab your spot for the webinar now.

You can watch the webinar via video to view the slides and see me live
OR dial in via phone.

Either way, if you join me Thursday night,
what I share with you can literally land you a new date within a week.

How fun would that be?

CLICK HERE to learn how to be super attractive to ideal men.


PS: Make sure to join me LIVE for this webinar because as always,
I will be offering awesome bonuses for the women who stay on live
including a f.ree gift of a product that normally retails on my website.

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Make Him Want You

If you are single and looking for love,
this is the most important thing that you need to know:
You can actually attract in any man you want, 
even if you’ve been single forever,
even if you’ve never been great with men,
even if you’ve never had a quality man want you before.

You can actually attract in any man you want.

If you don’t believe me,
then let me prove it to you this week.

You see, I used to think that only certain kinds of women could attract in great men.
Maybe you do too?

I believed that other special women
were great with men
and I just wasn’t
and there was nothing I could do about it.
Maybe you do too?

I was in a total man desert with NO ONE asking me out
or maybe just one or two random men but they were creepy losers.
Maybe you are too?

What changed the game for me was when I discovered
the magic secrets of attraction.

I learned that there were simple things that I could to
to make myself stand out to the right men
and repel the wrong men.

I used these 3 KEYS of attraction
to attract in better and better men
until I attracted in the RIGHT man, who is an absolute dream in every sense.

And what I know to be true with absolute certainty
is that ANY woman can increase how attractive she is to ideal men 
if she follows these 3 KEY steps.

On Thursday, April 13th at 5pm PST I am going to be sharing
my 3-Step Formula to attract in high-quality men
on a brand new webinar that you can watch or listen to
from the comfort of your own home.

(it will be the best 60 minutes you spend this week, I promise).

I’d love for you to join me
so that you can attract your ideal man
and make him choose you.

Right now I have a 72 year old woman using this formula
to attract in dates and it’s working.
A woman who is super powerful and ambitious
and who used to think no man would want her because she’s so into her career
is using this formula to attract in more and better men.
Women are having exes or men who they really liked but who didn’t pursue come back,
out of the woodwork, and want to be with them when they use this 3 part formula.
In short, it WORKS.

And the best part is,
you don’t have to change anything about yourself
to make high-quality men want you. (really)

You just have to know the 3 step formula that I’m going to share on Thursday.
CLICK HERE to register now.



PS: I make a BOLD promise on this webinar 
which is that if you use what I teach,
you will have a man ask you out this week.
It’s that powerful.
So, don’t miss it!
CLICK HERE to register now to learn the 3 KEYS to attracting in high-quality men
and making them want you.

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